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What Vaccines Does My Dog Need

What Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

Your pup isn’t just a pet; he’s a member of your family! That means you go out of your way ...
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Understanding Why Your Dogs Is Smelly, Even After A Bath

Understanding Why Your Dogs is Smelly, Even After a Bath

The time has come: your dog smells less than pleasant and he is in desperate need of a bath. You’ve ...
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How To Protect Your Home With Pet Fencing

How to Protect Your Home with Pet Fencing

Your home should be a safe haven for all who live in it, including your four-legged family members. As a ...
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How Much Fiber does my Dog Need

How Much Fiber does my Dog Need?

Canines, just like humans, have specific dietary needs, and those needs must be met in order to ensure that they ...
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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have

How Many Teeth do Dogs Have?

When it comes to caring for a dog, dental health might not be the first thing that comes to mind; ...
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How Many Dog Breeds Are There

How Many Dog Breeds are There?

There is nothing better than the love of a dog. They’re loyal, fun-loving, affectionate, and quite possibly the best species ...
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How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant

How Long do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

Whether you were planning on having your pup get pregnant (perhaps you’re breeding or you just wanted a litter of ...
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How Do I Treat Food Allergies For My Dog

How Do I Treat Food Allergies for My Dog?

Food allergies seem to have come out of the woodwork in recent years. It seems like everyone you talk to ...
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How Can I Help My Itchy Dog

How Can I Help My Itchy Dog?

The sound of your dog’s incessant itching is enough to drive you up a wall! If it’s making you crazy, ...
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Do Dogs Get Headaches

Do Dogs Get Headaches?

“Do dogs get headaches?” It might sound like a strange question, but it really is a reasonable question to ask ...
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Are There Dog Foods Made Only In The Usa

Are There Dog Foods Made Only in the USA?

As a pet parent, the health, safety, and well being of your four-legged family member is your top priority. The ...
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All About Humping In Dogs And How To Stop It

All About Humping in Dogs and How to Stop It

Your dog is your pride and joy; he’s your fur-baby and you love him more than life itself! There’s nothing ...
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