10 Best Activities For Afghan Hounds

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10 Best Activities For Afghan HoundsHave you recently adopted an Afghan Hound and don’t know how to mitigate their immense energy? They were originally trained to hunt snow leopards as well as hares in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan. This is why they love to run and are known for their impressive speed.

If you are having a hard time figuring out how to entertain your pup while giving him sufficient exercise, you have come to the right place! Here are some fun and exciting activities designed for your Afghan Hound.

1. Lure coursing

Lure coursing involves allowing your Afghan Hound to chase and hunt in a controlled setting. This sport is safe as it employs the use of a white plastic bag, which is moved around a field in a zig-zag pattern with the help of pulleys. This set-up invents a game that can easily mimic the chase and hunting of animals.

2. Canicross

This running sport benefits both you and your dog. Your Afghan Hound pup will be connected to you through a bungee line. This allows more mobility and freedom for your dog to run without being out of your control. You can go for a quick jog as well while giving your pup the exercise he needs.

3. Flirt pole

Playing with a flirt pole involves running and jumping to catch a lure (toy or rope) that hangs off a line attached to a pole. Flirt poles used for canines range from four to six feet long and are appropriate for satisfying high prey drive. This activity is particularly enjoyed by Afghan Hounds as it improves agility and stamina.

4. Food puzzle toy

While it’s important to optimize your dog’s physical activity, working their minds is also essential. Food puzzle toys are rubber or plastic containers that contain treats inside. However, your dog will be rewarded with this food only if he can coax the food outside through a small hole.

5. Hunting for food

You can hide food around the house in the form of food puzzles or your dog’s kibble. This encourages a fun game of hunting, which will be appreciated by your Afghan Hound. This can be done while your pup is home alone to keep him occupied.

6. Tug-of-war

Make sure you use a soft and comfortable toy for your canine to tug and pull on. This activity is a natural outlet for your Afghan Hound’s urges. However, sufficient training is required to avoid unnecessary aggression.

7. Fetch

A classic sport for dogs, fetch is effective for exerting physical activity as well as teaching skills such as ‘drop’ or ‘give.’ Positive reinforcement through treats or vocal appreciation should be awarded when your dog chases the toy.

8. Hide-and-seek

This is another cerebral activity for your Afghan Hound puppy, which involves training him to search for you. It employs the use of his powerful sense of smell while also posing him with a fun challenge. This activity can also be done with treats or his favorite toys.

9. Round-Robin recalls

This fun activity involves the participation of the entire family. With all the family members placed 20 feet apart, cue your dog to ‘come’ and reward him with a treat when he obeys. Like this, encourage him to run towards whoever is calling him.

10. Swimming

Although your pup may be hesitant at first, sufficient support and training will have your dog-loving the water! Swimming is a low-impact physical activity that improves endurance and works for multiple muscle groups. However, if your Afghan Hound still resists the water, find a sport better suited for him.

To sum up

Mental, as well as physical stimulation, is crucial for your Afghan Hound. Make sure you include collective activities as well as things that your pup can do when he wants alone time. Afghan Hounds are infamous for exhibiting moody behavior by being affectionate occasionally while being aloof at other times. These activities are guaranteed to exert and gratify the prey drive of your Afghan Hound.


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