10 Best Activities For Chihuahuas

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10 Best Activities For ChihuahuasChihuahuas are one of the most enthusiastic dog breeds, and you might get tired keeping up with their antics. All they wish to do is simply play and have fun with their owners, and that is you.

If you regularly keep them active, your pet will be a bundle of positive energy and intelligence. It’s always good to mix activities up to keep things interesting. We have some activities in case your Chihuahua is bored with the usual ones!

1. Fetch the ball                  

Fetch is a classic game that all dogs enjoy regardless of their breeds. You can grab their favorite toy, rolled-in sock, Frisbee, or anything that your Chihuahua normally likes to chew. All you have to do is throw it across and ask your pet to fetch it. Once they do bring it back, praise them, or reward them with treats.

2. Hide & Seek

Chihuahuas are highly social dog breeds, and they want to be with someone always. So turn this into a game. Make them sit or stay, then go to your hiding spot, and call out their name. Your pet will come to look for you, but be ready for a lot for kisses when they feel sheer joy in finding you!

3. Open my hands

This game is quite simple, and you can just make your Chihuahua sit down for this one. Hide a tiny treat in one of your hands and pretend to shuffle your hands. They will try to remember which hand it was, and if they do, immediately give them their earned treat.

4. Sniff it!

You start this game by collecting a few distinctly scented items. You can buy such game props at a store as well. Later, take the scents, spray it on objects, and spread it across certain areas around the house. Now, let your Chihuahua sniff the first scent, trace the object, and bring it to you. Do not forget to reward them after every object they bring!

5. Magic cups

Like ‘Open my hands’, you will keep three inverted cups in front of your Chihuahua and hide a treat in one. Shuffle these up, and let your little pet select the cup. If they’re correct, you praise them with a treat.

6. Laser the way

A laser pen is a fun toy for your Chihuahua. Every dog loves chasing things, and so does your little Chihuahua. You can use laser pens to move the colorful dot around and watch your pet try to catch it. Laser pens are fun and inexpensive at the same time. 

7. Hurdles

This is more of a trick than a game. You will need a stool for this, or any small furniture would do. All you have to do is teach your Chihuahua to go ‘over’ and ‘under’ the stool. It will take you a while to do this, especially if your pet is not a pup anymore. But they will get the trick eventually along with plenty of praise. 

8. Run the stairs

This game is just an exercise for your pet. You have to teach your Chihuahua to run up and down a staircase. This is another difficult activity, but it’s worth the effort because your pet dog will stay fit.

9. Keep chewing

This activity is similar to a tug of war, but for your pet. Bring their favorite toy that they always keep chewing on. Only this time, pretend to pull the toy away from them. You can make them fetch at times. But to make them feel appreciated, you can also let go sometimes. This will get them thinking that they won.

10. Walk the way

Quite traditional, but effective. Your pet would love it if you took them for a walk. Be it to the park, the backyard, the market down the street, or a pet-friendly beach. You can also take them on dog playdates, so they make new friends to play with. Your Chihuahua might make new friends, but you will always remain their favorite one.

To sum up

You probably cannot wait to teach your pup all of these, but remember, it will take them a little time to learn these. So, avoid training them excessively at once. Be patient with your Chihuahua because they are going to enjoy the time you spend with them. After all, it’s all meant to be fun and games.

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