10 Best Activities For Dachshunds

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10 Best Activities For DachshundsThere are a few things that every dachshund owner must be aware of, and we are here to help you be the best dog mom/dad around! Dachshunds were primarily bred as hunting dogs to reach troublesome pests in holes or burrows. This makes them exceedingly smart, very energetic, and often even stubborn.

But not to worry, as we will now delve into the top 10 activities that will keep your energetic buddy occupied.

1. Hitting the treadmill

Walking is one of the most basic techniques used by dog-owners worldwide to keep their pets mentally and physically stimulated. The treadmill is a focused way to allow your dachshund to exercise its elongated body.

This will require your dachshund to first grow comfortable on the treadmill without it moving. You can use treats as an incentive.

2. Burrowing activities

Remember, dachshunds were bred to hunt in burrows. One of the best ways to engage your pet dachshund is to hide a few desired treats under a pile of blankets or other household materials. Your dog will instinctively burrow into the pile in search of the treat. Its relentless attitude will not let it quit before it has found the treat!

3. Jumps

Another enjoyable activity for your dachshund is jumping, which will strengthen muscle build and a sturdy frame. Be sure to make the jumps low and achievable as jumps too high may result in spinal damage to the dog’s elongated spines. Balancing a pole across two piles of paper could serve as a makeshift jumping stage for your energetic dachshund.

4. A flirt pole

A Dachshund is naturally inclined to notice small and quick movement in its environment. A teaser pole makes the perfect companion for such a breed as the short and quick movement of a teaser/flirt pole is ideal for attracting the dog’s attention. Such an activity promotes the reflexes as well as the mental functioning of your dog while maintaining a degree of physical activity.

5. Toy hunt

This is a great way to get your dog to find and bring a toy back to you to promote mental stimulation and combine physical activity. One of the dog’s favorite toys is taken, and he/she is allowed to sniff the toy. You then remove the toy from view, and the dog is supposed to follow the smell of the toy and find it. This works best when a treat is provided right after!

6. Social Events

Social events and outings are one of the best ways to stimulate your dachshunds. They also serve as an opportunity to test how your dog will behave in public. Make sure that the dog maintains civil behavior patterns.

This also strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

7. Simple play

One of the most basic ways to make your dog more physically stimulated is play. Basic play, such as retrieval or chase, will help boost your dog’s physical health.

It will promote trust and bond with you and will provide proper mental stimulation.

8. Identifying the toy

This activity allows the dog to exercise its mental capacity. Keep the toy to be named in view and ask the dog to retrieve it. This will take immense time and patience, and will need to be reinforced using treats.

By the end, your dachshund will be able to identify a toy, amongst others.

9. The chase

Dachshunds are natural hunters, and a chase is one of the best easy to provide mental and physical stimulation. Use a stringed toy and allow your dog to chase it about. This can be done both indoors and outdoors.

The dachshund’s natural instincts are heightened in the process.

10. Short obstacle course

Dachshunds being the excitable dogs that they are, perform well on obstacle courses. Combining all the mentioned physical tasks, you may create a simple obstacle course. The dachshund will have to employ both physical and mental abilities to complete the course.

This provides optimum stimulation and creates a sense of achievement.

Final takeaways

The dachshund is a naturally energetic and playful dog. It requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation. But remember, they are very prone to back injuries. So you need to be careful of the health hazards while playing with these adorable buddies!

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