10 Best Activities for Great Pyrenees

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10 Best Activities For Great PyreneesThe Great Pyrenees are majestic dogs that are loved for their calm personality, beautiful white coats, and family values.

Originally bred for being the “protector” of livestock, these are “working dogs” and prefer to engage in activities, or they get bored and may act out by chewing up a storm.

They don’t need too much of daily exercise, but it is important that you and your furry friend have fun times together. Continue reading to find out the various activities that you can your dog could engage in. 

1. Hide and Seek with Treats

This is one of the simplest games. A Pyrenees loves a challenge, and mental exercise is as important to this breed as is physical exercise. Being naturally independent, this breed has no problem in engaging in a little scavenger hunt!

Bury your dog’s favorite treats or toys in a beach pit when they aren’t around, and then bring them over for a little challenging mealtime or playtime. You can do this often, and it still will never get boring!

2. Hiking

Being bred for the cold Mountains, this breed is instinctively used to the mountains’ cold and rocky terrain. Your Pyrenees will match you in climbing those snowy peaks with much enthusiasm and vigor.

Avoid long hikes in the summers as it might overheat their thick fur coat.

3. Pulling weight

This breed has no problem carrying a little weight around. Because of their large size, weight pulling exercises can really help build their stamina and strength. All you need for this is a dog-safe harness, an attachable cable with a wagon or sled.

Start with attaching just the wagon and allow your dog to learn to pull at a command. When it gets used to it, you can add tiny weights on the sled.

Don’t forget to give you pet a break (and treats!) now and then. You can use anything as a weight, like a bottle, groceries, and later even bricks. 

4. Skijoring

Now that you know your Great Pyrenees has no problems with snow and a little weight, you won’t be surprised by this one. 

Skijoring is very similar to skiing, with your canine pulling you instead. It is a fun activity that will be a bonding session for both you and your dog.

5. Family picnics

A picnic is always a good idea!

Have a family outing with your canine in a dog-friendly park. This will allow your Pyrenees to bond with family members in the fresh air and outside the typical home setting. Plan fun activities involving your pet, play games, and music with delicious food and treats!

6. Pool days

Cool down with your furry friend in summers with pool days! Bring out an inflatable pool that can easily fit in your Pyrenees with space to spare, and engage in the water splashing fun. You can even involve puppies in the pool and throw all their favorite toys into the water.

7. Playdates

As much as a Pyrenees loves guarding its territory, it needs to socialize and go out from time to time to practice its social behavior.  Arrange play dates in parks and open spaces with other canine owners to let your pet interact with its own kind and make friends.

8. Snowball fights

A furry beast, snow, and a snowball fight, what’s not to like? Engage in a friendly game of snowball fight in a fenced area and later re-energize with some treats! The sight of Pyrenees with its magnificent white coat in the snow will indeed be beautiful.

9. Fun training sessions

Train your Pyrenees to follow simple commands by having mini sessions throughout the day. Keep things engaging by instilling enthusiasm and treats!

Having 10-minute sessions thrice a day will help keep things interesting, and at the same time, instill basic commands in your pet.

10. Movie nights

This breed is naturally nocturnal and loves hanging out with its owner. Having movie nights is a great way to cuddle and bond with your canine while watching your favorite movies on the couch!

Summing up

These were some of the fun activities that you can do with your Great Pyrenees. All these are catered to the breed, considering their physical capacity and interests. Spending some quality time with your dog and engaging in fun activities will not only make your dog happy but also strengthen your bond.


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