10 Best Activities For Jack Russell Terriers

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10 Best Activities For Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers are adorable dogs, always up for all the plans. As fun as that might sound, you must realize that for Jack Russell Terriers to lead a healthy life, they need to indulge in fun and challenging activities every day!

If you own this special breed and are running out of activity ideas for your dog, we got your back! Continue reading to find out the top 10 best activities for you and your little buddy.

1. Food puzzles

This is an interesting game for your little dog. Food Puzzles are a great way of feeding your Russell Terrier while also taking care of its digestion. You can hide the food around the house and let your dog find the food. Of course, you can help it when needed. You can also hide food under cups and have your dog guess where it is. There are so many possibilities, go crazy!

2. Flyball

This activity requires discipline, concentration, and loads of energy, making it perfect for a Russell Terrier. The activity is more like a relay sport where your dog is required to run over obstacles, and then release the flyball (a tennis ball) by hitting a target. Your dog then returns all the way and the next dog in line continues.

For the training, we suggest you team up with other dog parents since it is, in fact, a team sport.

3. Hide and seek

To play this classic game, you can either train your dog to stay still on your command or have someone hold them until you hide. A game of Hide & Seek will have your pet happy and excited. Plus, by the time you will be done with the game, he might just be ready for a nap. Also, to ensure he doesn’t get bored, surprise him with treats every time it finds you!

However, you must observe your dog in the first game, and if it gets too anxious or panicky, discontinue the game.

4. Dock diving

Did you know Jack Russell Terriers can jump five times their height? Yes! To utilize your dog’s skills and energy well, you can take it dock diving. Dock Diving, as the name suggests, is an activity wherein your little Jack Russell Terrier walks along a dock and jumps into a water body. You can start with swimming pools and then gradually begin to take your dog to larger water bodies.

5. Fetch

Fetch is yet another classic game to play with your little buddy! You just need a ball or frisbee or a stick. Throw it in different directions and watch your pet running and barking excitedly.

These days, you can find balls that float in the water; and for your enthusiastic Jack Russells, you can also get an automatic fetch machine.

6. Hiking

This breed of dogs love traveling! Additionally, with hiking, you need physical strength and massive energy. Things your Jack Russell Terrier is high on! A JRT dog proves to be an excellent company during hiking. As far as we know, your fur friend will love nature and adventure.

Safety Tip: Make sure you have a leash around your dog at all times.

7. Game of chase

This game simply requires you to get your dog to chase after you. You don’t even need any props! Chances are, your dog will run after you and have a great time! 

8. Agility

Agility is a sport wherein your dog will have to jump over obstacles, sprint through tunnels, zigzag past poles, balance on beams, and walk on see-saws, all in a set order and while being timed.

Notably, this game is tailor-made for your Jack Russell Terriers! Yes! We know! So, you can either have your dog play this for fun or train it in this for a competition.

9. Tug of war

This is an activity that both your dog and its vet are likely to love! Tug of war will help your dog in exercising and is also good for its teeth. Now, if you have kids, this is a great sport to engage your dog and your kids while you do something for yourself, or act as a referee!

10. Walks

This is one of the simple activities that will help in developing your bond with your Russell Terrier. Taking a 15-20 minute walk every day will help not only your Jack Russell Terrier’s health but also your’s. 

Walking your dog might not be an intensive activity, but we assure you that it will be satisfying.

Summing up

Jack Russell Terriers heavily depend on some form of activity to boost their mood. Since these dogs are highly intelligent and emotional, they require your love and care to thrive. Otherwise, it might even lead to your dog being depressed.

Engaging in fun activities with your dog is a great way to maintain its health while also strengthening your bond. After all, we all know that’s all that matters at the end of the day!