10 Best Activities for Maltipoos

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10 Best Activities For MaltipoosMaltipoo is an indoor puppy but has a lot of excitement built in it. To keep up with this enthusiasm you have to have patience and be creative so that it would not be monotonous. Before we jump into the pool of ideas to keep your Maltipoo active, you need to know when to start and always consult your dog’s veterinarian.

Outdoor activities for a Maltipoo usually start around twelve to fourteen weeks of age, make sure it has been vaccinated, and are old enough to understand basic instructions.

As they are small in size, you have to be extremely gentle when taking care of them.

1. Make your dog work for the treats

It’s one way of engaging your dog to move around the house. You can hide the treats in different places around the house and direct it to find its titbits. You can play a game of throw and catch treats as it is a good exercise for your dog to concentrate.

2. Playing hide and seek

A game of hide and seek can make them curious and help them be alert. It will also be a way for you to engage with your pet and build a sense of trust in it. Certainly a great way to pass time with your adorable friend.

3. Tug of war and chewy toys

A harmless game of tug of war can be played, but remember it can make the dog extremely competitive after a certain point. Make sure to loosen the grip when the dog shows signs of aggression.

Chewy toys are a great way to work them through jaw exercise and also a way to prevent them from nibbling things around your house during their time of teething.

4. Create an obstacle path inside the house

You can create a small trail of obstacles and make it do a few rounds of it. You can create diverse paths by using pillows and empty boxes to teach it to jump over. 

5. Train the brain

There are various mind games that you can teach your dog. “Which hand” is a well-known game around training dogs for better judgment and observation.

6. Walk in the park

Throw the leash on and take your dog for a twenty-minute walk every day. You can opt for different paths or make a couple of rounds around the park. Do not exhaust your little friend as it can lead to aggressive behavior and the development of impatience. 

7. A game of fetch

You can use a tennis ball or its favorite toy for a game of fetch. It is a great way to make him work out and have fun at the same time.

8. Going to a dog-friendly restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants that are dog friendly and have a dog menu too. These restaurants are a few ways to make your dog socialize with other dogs. Nevertheless, it’s is a break for you.

9. A long drive with your furry friend

Strap on that seat belt, make it wear some glasses, and en route a long drive, it will be a great way to take your furry friend out of the four walls of your house on a little adventure.

10. Plan a play date

Let your dog go on a date with another furry mate at the park or for an evening walk. Let your dog socialize as it will make it more approachable and calmer.

Opt for any of these amazing activities and watch how your cute little Maltipoo loves them. You will have a great, fun, and relaxing time with your furry friend.


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