10 Dog Breeds Compatible with Cairn Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Compatible With Cairn TerriersOriginated in the Scottish Highland, the Cairn Terrier is an alert and cheerful working dog. This oldest Scottish Terrier breed is only 10 inches tall, and it easily lives around 13 years. Happy yet fearless, Cairn Terrier knows how to hunt foxes and other small prey on the land.

This curious earthdog enjoys digging a bit too much. The cairn Terriers feature exceptional qualities of independent thinking and playfulness. This true-blue terrier dog is pretty fond of company, and it adores other house pets at its owner’s home.

Let’s take a look at the following breeds best suitable as a companion to your Cairn Terrier.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Cairn Terrier

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Bedlington Terriers?

Graceful and free-spirited Bedlington Terrier is a small dog from England. This even-tempered dog was originally bred for hunting, but they are quite skilled at modern-day dog spots. Affectionate and loyal, Bedlington Terrier makes a good family companion. This athletic dog will put a good competition for your Cairn Terrier.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Berger Picards?

Highly intelligent and heavy-boned Berger Picard is well known for its role as a herding dog. This independent Berger Picard is so full of energy that it can play with your Cairn Terrier all day long. This French dog is good with other animals. It is pretty mellow and lively in nature.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Cesky Terriers?

Short-legged and well-built Cesky Terrier is a small European dog. This non-aggressive breed knows when to be reserved and when to be cheerful. Calm and quiet, Cesky Terrier is pretty rare. It will show some behavioral similarities to your Cairn Terrier.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Wire Fox Terriers?

Well-muscled and symmetrical, Wire Fox Terrier is an excellent hunting dog. This terrier dog is as fearless as your Cairn Terrier. It loves to wander around the neighborhood with your Cairn Terrier. Bold and keen, Wire Fox Terrier is a true terrier, and it will think of your Cairn Terrier as its sibling.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Harriers?

Developed for hunting foxes, hares, and other animals, the Harriers belong to the group of hound dogs. This medium-sized Harrier is highly affectionate towards other dogs. It will love to participate in barking with your Cairn Terrier.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Keeshond?

Double-coated Keeshond is a spitz-type dog, and it was first found in the land of Holland. This fun-loving Keeshond is bright and highly energetic. This overly playful Keeshond listens to its owners, and so, it is quite welcoming of other dogs at the owner’s house.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Norwegian Buhunds?

Sweet-tempered and cuddly, Norwegian Buhund is an agile northern breed. Adept in herding, the Norwegian Buhund was bred for the purpose of guarding farms. This Buhund dog is a born watchdog, and it protects other dogs of the family too.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Labrador Retrievers?

Popularly known as the “fisherman’s mate”, the Labrador Retriever is a powerful gun dog. Bred in the United Kingdom, the Labrador Retriever will love to go hunting with your Cairn Terrier. Both Cairn Terrier and Labrador Retriever loves to play fetch and chase games.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Schipperkes?

Bred in Belgium, the Schipperkes are small in size and pretty faithful in nature. These Schipperkes are as curious as your Cairn Terrier. Not only this, but the Schipperkes also enjoy communicating with other neighborly cats and dogs.

Why Cairn Terriers Get Along With Irish Setters?

Native to Ireland, the Irish Setters make good family companions. Obedient and companionable, Irish Setters are quick learners, so you can train them easily. It is preferable if you train both your Cairn Terrier and Irish Setter together since their first day at home. 

We understand that your Cairn Terrier feels lonely at times. So, grab the chance to be a caring dog parent and bring home a canine companion for your terrier. Choose one from the above list. 

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