10 Dog Breeds Compatible with Catahoula Leopards

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10 Dog Breeds Compatible With Catahoula LeopardsIndependent and watchful Catahoula Leopard is a 22 inches tall working dog known for its high level of endurance. This multi-purpose dog is full of short-coated hair, and these are mostly used as tree dogs, bay dogs, stock dogs, etc. Your Catahoula Leopard makes a loyal companion to its owners and other family pets. 

Independent and territorial, Catahoula Leopard is good with other dogs at home, and it rather protects them with its life. With the help of early socialization and proper respect training, you can turn your Catahoula Leopard into a well-mannered dog. This Catahoula Leopard actively seeks a canine friend to share its lonely hours with.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Catahoula Leopards

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Weimaraners?

Bred in the 19th century, the Weimaraners were originally bred for hunting bears, deer, and wild boars. Intelligent and powerful, Weimaraners run as fast as your Catahoula Leopard. This Weimaraner is full of boundless energy, and it would love to have a company on its hunting expeditions.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Clumber Spaniels?

Powerful and heavy-boned Clumber Spaniels are affectionate dogs from the United Kingdom. Dignified and loyal Clumber Spaniels are great-hearted, and it will actively take care of your Catahoula Leopard puppies. This spaniel dog knows how to create a strong bond with its entire family and house pets.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Scottish Terriers?

Independent and compact, Scottish Terrier is a feisty and self-assured dog from Europe. Also known as Skye Terrier, the Scottish Terrier is a pretty playful breed. It will enjoy playing flyball, Frisbee and other chasing games with your Catahoula Leopard.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Golden Retrievers?

Friendly and tolerant, Golden Retriever is the most popular canine breed from the USA. Bred for retrieving other game birds, the Golden Retrievers are highly tolerant towards other family pets. It will think of other house pets as its own puppies or siblings.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Puli?

Lively and Energetic, Puli is a hardworking canine creature that is full of a friendly spirit. This small Hungarian dog guards livestock mainly. It will entertain your Catahoula Leopard helping it at its herding job.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Miniature Schnauzers?

Stocky and robust, Miniature Schnauzer was originally bred for herding dogs. This small dog from Germany is a group worker, and you will hardly see it relaxing. So, your Catahoula Leopard will get along quite well with this Miniature Schnauzer dog. 

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Greyhounds?

Even-tempered and athletic, Greyhound has a remarkable personality, just like your Catahoula Leopard. Both of them look for a canine friend to spend their days with. Full of endurance, the Greyhounds thrive in pack activities.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Dogues De Bordeaux?

Immensely powerful Dogues de Bordeaux is a large-sized guardian dog. This mastiff-type dog is pretty vigilant and extremely devoted to its family. The Dogues de Bordeaux features a lot of courage, and it will accompany your Catahoula Leopard in all of its adventurous activities.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Brittanys?

Primarily developed for hunting, the Brittanys feature lots of working characteristics like your Catahoula Leopard. These attentive Brittanys are highly adaptable and love taking part in agile sports with your Catahoula Leopard dog.

Why Catahoula Leopards Gets Along With Black And Tan Coonhounds?

Developed in the 1700s, the Black and Tan Coonhounds are skilled at hunting, and they take up heavy-duty tasks. This scent hound has an amazingly sweet demeanor. So, other dogs will find themselves pretty comfortable around the Black and Tan Coonhound. 

We are quite hopeful that dog owners will be able to choose one companion from the above list of dog breeds. All of them are good at group activities.  

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