10 Dog Breeds Compatible with Chiweenies

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10 Dog Breeds Compatible With ChiweeniesLoving and playful, Chiweenies are 8 to 10 inches tall designer dogs, and this dog is an offspring of Dachshund and Chihuahua. This small-sized Chiweenie features a loving demeanor, and it has a spunky personality. The Chiweenies are highly adaptable to new environments, and it adjusts with other dogs pretty well.

Loving and friendly Chiweenies shine in the field of dog sports, and they will love having a competitive canine companion. The Chiweenies are mainly lap dogs; they love to run in the backyard during their free time. This hybrid Chiweenie actively seeks a playmate at its owner’s home.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Chiweenies

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Tibetan Mastiffs?

Watchful and imposing, Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient guardian dog. This tenacious large dog knows how to behave at its best around other house pets. Not only this, but the Tibetan Mastiffs are also pretty companionable, and your Chiweenie can live happily with this dog.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Wirehaired Vizslas?

Dense-coated Wirehaired Vizslas are exuberant hunters, and they hail from the land of Hungary. This highly trainable Wirehaired Vizsla won’t mind having a canine companion during its hunting expeditions. This versatile dog barely gets angry, so the Wirehaired Vizsla is a good choice for your Chiweenie.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Shiba Inu?

The Japanese Shiba Inu is one of the most friendly dogs found on earth. This alert and confident Shiba Inu befriends other house pets pretty quickly. This fearless Shiba Inu will love howling with your Chiweenie.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Russell Terriers?

Active and strong-willed, Russell Terrier is a proud hunting dog from England. This white-bodied terrier dog is pretty vocal about its feelings. Bold and active, Russell Terrier has a keen sense of humor, and so it keeps other house pets in a good mood as well.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Pumi?

Intelligent and agile Pumi is a great herding dog. This Hungarian dog is pretty reserved in nature, and it will protect your Chiweenie like its own puppies. Lively and hyperactive Pumi will assist your Chiweenie in all its allotted tasks.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Newfoundlands?

Newfoundland is a devoted working dog, and it is heavily coated. This gentle dog has no problem with sharing its toys with other canine creatures at home. The sweet-tempered Newfoundland should be raised together with your Chiweenie as both of them are highly trainable.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Keeshond?

Plush and double-coated Keeshond is an impressive spitz-type dog. These sturdy dogs are quite patient around other house pets, and they feature a high tolerance level. This quick and confident Keeshond obeys each and every order of dog owners. So, they never cause harm to any house pet.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With French Bulldogs?

Bred in England, the French Bulldogs are known for their excellent companionship. This mild-mannered domestic dog has a protective instinct towards small animals, especially dogs. This bright French Bulldog is quite athletic, and it craves socialization with both humans and animals.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Playful and happy English Toy Spaniel is a little dog that wins most of the agile sports it takes part in. This loving spaniel dog is quite concerned about the members of its owner’s family. Apart from this, the Chiweenie and English Toy Spaniel have a lot of common characteristics.

Why Do Chiweenies Get Along With Canaan Dogs?

Originated in Israel, the Canaan dogs love to work in a pack. This vigilant dog can help your Chiweenie with its separation anxiety. So, the Canaan dog will be a good match for your Chiweenie.

All these dogs are pretty friendly and will be a good option for your Chiweenie. So, you should definitely bring home one from the above list.

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