10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Airedale Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Airedale TerriersCourageous and amicable Airedale Terrier took birth in England in the 1800s. This well-muscled Airedale Terrier is often termed as “King of terriers.” Versatile Airedale Terrier is a distinguished athlete, and it was originally bred for hunting otters and badgers.

The highly intelligent Airedale Terrier craves socialization, and they are friendly towards other dogs. These loyal canine creatures prefer having fearless dogs at their owner’s home. A unique mix between hound and Terrier, the Airedale Terriers are quite comfortable living with other terrier dogs.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Airedale Terriers

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Australian Terriers?

Free-spirited Australian Terrier is a small member of the terrier group, and it is quite upbeat, just like your Airedale Terrier. Both these breeds feature exceptional curiosity. This alert terrier dog has a high prey drive. The Australian Terrier and Airedale Terrier can be good hunting partners.

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Bull Terriers?

A full-grown Bull Terrier is as tall as your Airedale terrier. Gentle and affectionate Bull Terrier is a friendly creature, and it tolerates all the other house pets easily. The Bull Terrier and Airedale Terrier are compatible with each other. They are often seen taking part in mischievous activities. 

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Basenjis?

Smart and poised Basenji is a medium-sized barkless dog that enjoys the company of Airedale Terrier. Both the Airedale Terrier and Basenji carry hound DNA. That is why most of their characteristics match. The catlike Basenji is also an intelligent hunter.

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Bouviers des Flandres?

Calm and docile, Bouviers des Flandres shows exceptional endurance towards other pets. Most of the Bouviers des Flandres have a pleasant demeanor, but some can be aggressive. So, it would be better if you raise both Bouviers des Flandres and Airedale Terrier together since puppyhood. You should also train them from an early age.

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Chow Chow?

Serious-minded Chow Chow is an ancient all-purpose dog that enjoys city life just like your Airedale Terrier. The eternally loyal Chow Chow is a little independent. It loves to roam around the neighborhood with your Airedale Terrier. 

Why Airedale Terriers get along with German Shepherds?

Both Airedale Terrier and German Shepherd are confident and powerful. They will love taking part in heavy-duty tasks together. These fierce dogs are easy-going and quite approachable. Though the German Shepherd falls under the herding group, it gets along pretty well with Airedale Terrier, which is a hunting dog in the heart. 

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Italian Greyhounds?

Due to its gentle personality and mild nature, the Italian Greyhound can be a good companion for your Airedale Terrier. The alert Italian Greyhounds are often seen playing together with the Airedale Terrier. Both of them are quite fond of fetch and chase games. 

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Box-A-Pug?

Pug is one of the happiest dogs in the world. Pugs are friendly to everyone starting from humans, cats to dogs. They are quite sociable and love to go outdoors on a daily basis to meet with their friends in the neighborhood.

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Wire Fox Terriers?

This medium-sized Wire Fox Terrier is known for its fox hunting ability. These feisty terrier dogs are charming housemates. So, your Airedale Terrier will get along with it quite easily. Both the terrier dogs love to take challenges.

Why Airedale Terriers get along with Sheltie?

Popularly known as Shetland Sheepdog, Sheltie is the most compatible canine companion for all dogs. It shares some similar characteristics with the Airedale Terrier. These are activeness, lively lifestyle, trainability and so on.

We are quite hopeful that you will find a match for your adorable Airedale Terrier from the above dog breeds. No matter what breed you choose for your Airedale Terrier, early training is a must for both. 

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