10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Akitas

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With AkitasProfoundly loyal and courageous, Akita is a gigantic dog, which lives more than a decade easily. This working dog is muscular, and among dog lovers, the Akita is quite popular for its protecting quality. Happy and heavy-boned Akita can be a fastidious canine creature.

Alert and affectionate, Akita thrives on companionship. This sensitive dog takes time to befriend other animals. When it comes to other house dogs, they prefer talking to the opposite sex. You need to take them through consistent socialization.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Akitas

Why Akitas get along with Bernese Mountain Dog?

Both Akita and Bernese mountain dogs are large in size. Tri-colored Bernese mountain dog is a versatile dog, and it can be a loyal companion for your Akita. This non-aggressive breed gets along with all types of dogs. Both of them show exceptional watchdog potential.

Why Akitas get along with Basset Hound?

Short-legged basset hound is a calm and gentle dog. That is why they are compatible with your aggressive Akita. The low-key and sweet Basset hound knows how to keep itself calm in a difficult situation. The best thing about this breed is that the Basset hound doesn’t bark just because your Akita is barking. As a result, dog owners will get a pleasant environment in their homes. 

Why Akitas get along with Bichon Frise?

Highly sociable and friendly, Bichon Frise gets along with almost every dog breed. This all-around Bichon Frise is gentle in nature and tolerates all the tantrums of your Akita. According to breed experts, the Bichon Frise is considered quite good with Akita.

Why Akitas get along with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Graceful and affectionate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves playing with your Akita. Due to its small size, the aggressive Akita doesn’t consider Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as any threat. This attentive spaniel loves taking part in sports shows just like Akita.

Why Akitas get along with Irish Wolfhound?

Bred in Ireland, this historic sighthound dog is sweet-tempered and patient. So, it is the best match for your Akita. If you take the Irish Wolfhound through proper socialization, it will easily stand having an Akita around all the time. 

Why Akitas get along with Pekingese?

Good with dogs and other house pets, Pekingese is a loving canine creature. This excellent watchdog can be a loyal friend for your Akita. Regal Pekingese loves having a playmate around. So, if you keep both Pekingese and Akita at home, you will see them playing together all the time.

Why Akitas get along with Tibetan Terrier?

Medium-sized Tibetan Terrier is as powerful as your Akita. You might see them playfully wrestling with each other sometimes. The soft-hearted Tibetan Terrier enjoys the company of cats, dogs, and other house pets. You can take both Tibetan Terrier and Akita out for a stroll as they both need physical exercise.

Why Akitas get along with French Bulldog?

Playful and loveable French Bulldog is a well-built dog, and it wins the heart of both humans and other dogs with its exceptional friendliness. Though the French Bulldog can be a little aggressive at times, they know how to control their temper. Overall, the French Bulldog loves the company of Akita. 

Why Akitas get along with English Bulldog?

English Bulldog and Akita complement each other in multiple ways. The Akita is aggressive most of the time, but the English Bulldog remains calm and gentle in all situations. Both of them show high protective instinct.

Why Akitas get along with Golden Retriever?

Known as an excellent companion dog, the Golden Retriever dreads staying alone at home. It always looks for a friend who can accompany it in all its quests. The Akita also is in dire necessity of companionship. So, the Golden Retriever and Akita can be a match.

These top 10 breeds can provide your adorable Akita the company it deserves. No matter which breed you choose, bring it home as early as possible. 

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