10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with American Foxhounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With American FoxhoundsSwift and smooth runners, the American Foxhound is a hunting dog with a sleek body type and is the cousin breed of the English Foxhound. The legs of this breed are long and thin, and they have a lean body to remain active. American Foxhounds require regular activities to release the extra energy to stay cheerful and prevent depressive behavior.

Apart from this, the American Foxhound is very kind, honest, and loyal to its owners and other pet companions. Training this independent breed is a challenge as they love to be on their own and do what they like. However, you will have to teach them to control their loud barks as it may be a nuisance for your neighborhood.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For American Foxhound

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Border Collie?

The Border Collie will make a perfect companion for your American Foxhound with a classic athletic body and working nature. They have unusual energy levels and enjoy running around the yard and playing all day long. Also, it is an excellent guard of your home that keeps it safe from all strangers.

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Bullmastiff?

The large, powerful, and robust Bullmastiff is a great guard and protector for its owner and companions. It makes an excellent watchdog and protects your house from all intruders. The Bullmastiff is mistaken to be aggressive but kind, intelligent, and obedient, making them a great choice.

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Australian Shepherds?

The Australian Shepherd is a beautiful breed that has high quantities of energy. It is a popular choice as the species is very intelligent and is effortless to train. Their high amount of stamina requires a lot of physical activities similar to the American Foxhound. 

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With English Foxhound?

Fast and agile, the English Foxhound is not just a great companion for your American Foxhound but also its cousin breed. It is a loyal breed that loves its companions with all its heart and protects them from all danger. Also, it is kind, affectionate, and adorable as a companion.

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Afghan Hound?

Beautiful and independent, the Afghan Hound is a perfect companion for your American Foxhound for plenty of reasons. The body structure of this breed helps them withstand harsh climatic conditions. Afghan Hound may not be compatible with smaller pets but does well with medium to large-sized breeds. 

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Japanese Chin?

The Japanese Chin is a tiny toy breed that loves to snuggle its companions. Also, this breed is graceful and independent. The Japanese Chin will do well with your American Foxhound as it does not bark a lot and is kind. 

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With German Shepherds?

Intelligent and obedient German Shepherds make the best companions. This breed will not disappoint you as they are very loyal to their owners and other pets. Also, they require exercise and playtime to be calm and healthy. 

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Shiba Inu?

The Shiba Inu is confident and slightly stubborn, so it may be challenging to train them. However, ensure you socialize them at a young age not to develop their independent solid nature. Overall, this breed is loyal, kind and affectionate for companion dogs and owners. 

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Labrador Retriever?

Playful, kind, loving, and adorable Labrador Retrievers do well with everyone as they like to socialize. It is an amiable, loyal and affectionate breed with high adaptability and can do well in any environment. 

Why American Foxhound Gets Along With Tibetan Mastiff?

Indeed, the Tibetan Mastiff is aggressive, but they can do well with other dogs if you train them well. Also, they make excellent guard dogs and require exercise to remain calm and obedient.

This list has the best dogs compatible with your American Foxhound. However, ensure you choose to raise them together to avoid fights and clashes.  

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