10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Australian Shepherds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Australian ShepherdsExuberant and work-oriented Australian Shepherd is a proud herding dog that is around 23 inches tall. This tough shepherd dog loves leading a cowboy life, and the brainy Australian Shepherd enjoys taking part in sports. Devoted to the owner’s family, the Australian Shepherds are highly territorial, and they are more friendly to dogs than strangers.

As a good dog parent, you need to keep your agile Australian Shepherd engaged with flyball, tracking games, daily strolls, etc. Hailed from the USA, the Australian Shepherd asks for a friendly canine companion. Due to their non-aggressive nature, it attracts other dogs towards it. The playful Australian Shepherd has a guarding instinct towards other dogs, cats, and especially puppies.

Let’s know about the dog breeds which are most compatible with your Australian Shepherd.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Australian Shepherds

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Doberman Pinschers?

Incredibly versatile, Doberman Pinscher is known for its role as a therapy dog. Like your Australian Shepherd, Doberman Pinschers also participate in dog sports. You can keep your male Australian Shepherd with a female Doberman Pinscher. If possible, take it through ” respect training” since puppyhood to prevent aggressive behaviors and dogfighting.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Bullmastiffs?

Though the Bullmastiffs have predatory instincts, they get along pretty well with Australian Shepherd. The territorial Bullmastiff enjoys the company of an opposite-sex canine companion. The Bullmastiff is mainly a working dog, and it can live in peace for years. Both Australian Shepherd and Bullmastiff should be trained thoroughly.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With American Foxhounds?

Cousin of English Foxhound, the American Foxhound is a healthy breed, and dog lovers adore them for their sweet-temper. Due to its kindness, free-spiritedness, and loving attitude, the American Foxhound makes a very good companion for the Australian Shepherd. If you house both of them together, you will see them playfully running around the backyards.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Bedlington Terriers?

Hailed from North East England, the Bedlington Terrier loves to take part in dog racing with your Australian Shepherd. This athletic companion dog is affectionate towards other animals and protects them in times of danger. If you keep a Bedlington terrier with your Australian Shepherd, you must always keep an eye on them as the terrier dog doesn’t tolerate anyone dominating it.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Ibizan Hounds?

Agile and active Ibizan Hound is a giant canine breed that is excellent with shepherd dogs. Due to their clownish attitude and engaging behavior, the Ibizan Hound makes a good companion to your Australian Shepherd. They also show some guarding qualities like your shepherd dog.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Bullmasadors?

The Bullmasador is a fearless canine companion who remains eager to please everyone. This wonderful family dog is highly adaptable, so it will make a good friend for your Australian Shepherd. To be honest, the Bullmasadors are therapy dogs. It will help you to train your Australian Shepherd properly.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Norwegian Buhunds?

Norwegian Buhund is a spitz-type dog, which shares sheepdog DNA from its parents. Like Australian Shepherd, Norwegian Buhund loves to herd other animals. The Norwegian Buhund is a nanny dog; as a result, it will get along quite well with your Australian Shepherd.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Both Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Australian Shepherd fall in the category of cattle herding dog. Playful and tenacious Corgi features exceptional endurance, and it is protective of both humans and other animals. Your Australian Shepherd will enjoy having a friend like Corgi which loves to take part in outdoor activities.

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Beagles?

Bred in Europe, the Beagle is one of the cutest canine breeds, which welcomes other dogs at its owner’s home with an open heart. Beagles are quite easy to train. Your Beagle will engage in indoor play with your Australian Shepherd. 

Why Australian Shepherds Get Along With Pumi?

Hungarian Pumi is pretty adept in stocking, guarding, and herding like your Australian Shepherd. Lively and intelligent, Pumi loves talking to other dogs. So, Pumi will be a good match for your Australian Shepherd. 

These top 10 breeds will make your Australian Shepherd the happiest. But, the only thing is, they all demand daily exercise and strolls to keep them fit and active. 

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