10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Basenjis

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With BasenjisIndependent and compact Basenji is a sweet-faced hound dog that is only 17 inches tall. This poised dog loves to hunt in pack, so they tolerate other Basenjis pretty well. 

This graceful hound dog seeks a canine companion, and they are quite clever. Affectionate and aloof, Basenji demands a friendly, soft-natured canine companion who always remains eager to please. Continue reading the following paragraphs to know about the best breeds compatible with your Basenji. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Basenjis

Why Basenjis Get Along With Labrador Retriever?

Active and Outgoing Labrador Retriever is slightly taller than your Basenji. Both of them love participating in sports, and they enjoy each other’s company. High-spirited Labrador Retriever is full of affection, and it adores other puppies. These human-like Basenjis socialize well with other dogs of the neighborhood. 

Why Basenjis Get Along With Bernese Mountain Dog?

Large Bernese Mountain dogs are related to Roman mastiffs to some extent. Faithful and loyal Bernese Mountain dogs love being accompanied by other herders. Basenji likes this canine breed due to its sweet temperament, watchdog ability, guarding nature, etc. 

Why Basenjis Get Along With Havanese?

Havanese is one of the most social dogs you will find in the dog kingdom. Havanese loves to interact with other dogs and friendly humans. This guarding dog is quite gentle, responsive, and playful. If you keep it together with Basenji, you will see them playing on the ground almost all the time.

Why Basenjis Get Along With Beagle?

Cordial and loving Beagles feature a sociable temperament. Since puppyhood, the beagles are bred in such a way that they thrive in packs. Energetic Beagles love the company of other canines. So, they will get along quite well with your Basenji.

Why Basenjis Get Along With Golden Retriever?

Medium to large Golden Retriever is a gun dog that participates in daring hunting expeditions. This reliable Retriever welcomes Basenjis and other dogs into its owner’s home. The Golden Retrievers trust other animals easily, and they protect fellow life forms with their life.

Why Basenjis Get Along With Great Dane?

Great Dane is a dependable canine breed that is pretty easy-going and enjoys the company of other family pets. This lively Great Dane shows true courage and spirit. Though it has a strong temperament, you can still accommodate your Basenji, and don’t forget to train them always. 

Why Basenjis Get Along With English Bulldog?

The English Bulldogs are quite good with other dogs from the opposite sex. They are quite brave, and due to their fearless nature, the English bulldog shows exceptional performance in the sporting field. The bulldogs will not engage in dogfighting with your Basenji. 

Why Basenjis Get Along With Bullmasador?

Double-coated Bullmasador is as fearless as your Basenji. These are excellent protectors, and they are quite loving towards other family dogs. So, a Bullmasador can be a great choice for your loyal and fun-loving Basenji.

Why Basenjis Get Along With Affenpinscher?

Terrier-like Affenpinschers are adventurous dogs. So, your daunting Basenji will be quite compatible with Affenpinschers. This curious Affenpinscher helps your Basenji during heavy-duty tasks. 

Why Basenjis Get Along With American Foxhound?

Last but not least, your Basenji will find itself comfortable around your American Foxhound. The docile temperament and sweet demeanor of your American Foxhound make it a dog lover’s favorite. Gentle American Foxhound loves to share its items with other family dogs. 

We are pretty hopeful that your Basenji will fall in love with the aforementioned dog breeds. You need to keep an eye on the Basenji and its companion for the first few days. Other than this, continue physical training of these dogs to make them more compatible with each other.

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