10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Basset Hounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Basset HoundsCharming and low-key Basset Hound is a 15 inches tall Scent hound, which easily lives up to 12 years. This appealing dog breed is sweet and sensitive, so it gets along with other dogs quite easily. The excellent family pet has a short coat all over its body, and it seeks human attention. 

Easy-going Basset Hound loves to hunt in a pack with other dogs. This fairly smart hound dog knows when to behave itself. Unlike other dogs, the Basset Hound welcomes other family pets, especially dogs at their owner’s home. If you wish to know dog breeds compatible with your Basset Hound, you might find the following paragraphs helpful.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Basset Hounds

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Boxers?

Short-haired Boxer is a cheerful and energetic German dog. Boxer is popularly known as a watchdog, just like your Basset Hound. Devoted to family, the Boxer has a high level of tolerance, and it is very protective of other animals. 

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Boerboels?

Bred in South Africa, Boerboels feature a strong bone structure, and it loves to playfully wrestle with other dogs. This obedient dog is territorial to some extent, but you can turn it into a well-mannered dog with proper training. The dominant Boerboels will get along with your Basset Hound quite easily.

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Australian Cattle Dog?

Australian Cattle Dog is a popular herding dog, and it has a shiny coat all over its body. The low-shedding cattle dog is a faithful family companion who stands for other dogs quite easily. The Australian Cattle Dog loves to play chasing games with its companion Basset hound. 

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Cairn Terriers?

Alert and cheerful Cairn Terrier loves to keep itself busy all the time. Your Basset Hound will fall in love with your Cairn Terrier. This 10 inches tall terrier dog loves to explore the neighborhood with your Basset Hound. 

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Chinese Crested?

Lively and alert, Chinese Crested is a toy dog that is pretty sensitive. These little Chinese dogs always try to please others, and they are good lap dogs. Basset Hound will find itself pretty comfortable around your Chinese Crested. 

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Wire Fox Terriers?

Wire Fox Terrier is a true terrier dog that is quite popular for its alertness. This friendly fox terrier can be accommodated with your Basset Hound. Both of them are fearless and outdoorsy. So, you can take them out for an evening or morning stroll.

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Havanese?

Immensely charming Havanese hails from the land of Cuba. The companionable Havanese is quite intelligent yet gentle. The Havanese can be a good company for your Basset Hound. They both suffer from separation anxiety due to loneliness. If you keep them together, they will accompany each other around the home.

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Japanese Chin?

Known as an ancient breed, the Japanese Chin loves to sit on the couch with their owners and other family pets. This independent cat-like dog is quite aristocratic. It welcomes your Basset Hound to its home with an open heart. Not only this, but a Japanese Chin is also up for sharing its products with their new friend. 

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Miniature Bull Terriers?

Miniature Bull Terrier is an upbeat and mischievous dog. But, it will be a loyal companion for your Basset Hound. Even-tempered and courageous Miniature Bull Terrier is quite similar to your Basset Hound behavior-wise. The well-built Miniature Bull Terrier loves taking part in quests with your Basset Hound.

Why Basset Hounds Get Along With Norwich Terriers?

As the name suggests, the Norwich Terrier hails from the land of the United Kingdom. This friendly terrier dog will make a good hunting companion for your Basset Hound. Your Basset Hound will fall in love with its extraordinary personality.

These 10 breeds are quite popular among dog lovers these days. You can bring home any of the above breeds to provide companionship to your Basset Hound. Always remember to raise two different breeds together to boost their compatibility.

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