10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Belgian Malinois

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Belgian MalinoisBelgian Malinois are extremely intelligent and smart, originally bred for herding, but they are also trained as police and military dogs. They are full of energy and require enough exercise and toys on a regular basis to remain fit, and mentality stimulated. They can adjust with other dogs if they have grown up with them, but they might try to herd them because of their inherent qualities.

They will get along with cats only if they are exposed to them at a young age. Their aggression toward other animals can be curbed with proper training and treats. It is still important to supervise their behavior around unknown animals to avoid getting injured. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Belgian Malinois

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With Dachshund?

Dachshunds have an acute sense of smell. They are not only playful and fun but also extremely alert, which makes them brilliant watchdogs. They have a little difficulty bonding with bigger dogs, but overall they adjust well with most pets. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With English Foxhound?

They are extremely stubborn, and training them can be a little tiring. But their warm and friendly attitude allows them to befriend other animals easily. It is a good idea to let your English Foxhound grow up with other dogs to expand their socialization skills. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With English Toy Spaniel?

They are overall very friendly breeds but can show signs of aggression if provoked. They get along just fine with other pets, but early socialization is still recommended. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With Finnish Spitz?

They have a warm, charming personality, and their presence will make your day brighter. They get along well with all pets since they are very friendly and peaceful. They can develop anxiety problems if left alone for long durations.

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With Smooth Fox Terrier?

This breed is skilled at hunting and displays high levels of intelligence. They have a low tolerance for pets, especially for smaller animals, but that can be altered with proper training. Leaving them unattended for long periods can be a bad idea because they have a tendency to hunt down small wild animals. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With Wire Fox Terrier?

Wire Fox Terriers are strong, independent, and friendly breeds. They are difficult to socialize with and might take to chasing smaller animals like cats and rodents, but they do get along with other dogs. However, they are a little possessive of their belongings and do not like to share. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With French Bulldog?

A French Bulldog is the most adorable companion. They are goofy, full of energy, and can keep the whole house entertained. Their gentle and patient nature helps them to befriend other pets easily. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With German Shepherd?

German Shepherds are known for their confident and strong personalities. They get along just fine with both cats and other dogs, but an early mixing without pets beyond the house will also help them to socialize easily. They are also very intelligent and easily trainable, which is why they are used as police dogs.

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With Harrier?

Harriers are jolly, fun-loving breeds who love having company at all times. They are of a destructive nature and can often escape their homes to play outside. Since they are enthusiastic, it allows them to gel in with other breeds without any difficulty. 

Why Belgian Malinois Gets Along With Maltese?

Maltese are small breeds with a gentle temperament. They are very social and have no problem mingling with anybody, including strangers. A Maltese can befriend any animal, including cats, quickly due to their extroverted nature.

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