10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Berger Picards

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Berger PicardsGood-natured and observant Berger Picard is a proud herding dog that features strong muscle and a steady build. This athletic Berger Picard has dark eyes, a beard, and a rectangular head. Agile and fun-loving Berger Picard has boundless energy, and it loves participating in all kinds of sports.

If your Berger Picard is well-bred and well-socialized, it will find itself comfortable around other dogs and cats. But, they are somewhat distrustful of dogs from different breeds. The territorial Berger Picard is a protective canine breed, and it seeks the attention of its favorite family member.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Berger Picards

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Vizslas?

Hailed from Hungary, Vizslas are well-renowned as a “tracker.” This affectionate and energetic dog loves to run in your backyard with a canine friend on its side. These Vizslas know when to remain quiet. Happy and lively Vizsla is a faithful family companion.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Spinoni Italiani?

Spinoni Italiani is an Italian hunting dog that makes a good retriever. Rough-coated Spinoni Italiani is a well-muscled dog, just like your Berger Picard. Both of them love taking part in playful wrestling, and they enjoy each other’s company.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With American Water Spaniels?

American Water Spaniel is a rare dog breed in the USA, and it enjoys staying active all through the day. The American Water Spaniel has a keen sense of smell, and it loves to bark when your Berger Picard barks. As the name suggests, American Water Spaniel is adept in swimming, and it is always up for fun activities related to water with your Berger Picard.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Rottweilers?

Medium to large Rottweilers were bred for livestock herding. So, they connect with Berger Picard almost instantly. Both of them can pull heavy objects easily. They help their owners with household activities. Rottweilers are known to be people dogs, and they stand other animals quite easily.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Parson Russell Terriers?

Developed in 19th century England, the Parson Russell Terrier is super intelligent. These terrier dogs are quite playful and plucky in nature. The appealing Parson Russell Terrier obeys the order, and it finds itself comfortable around Berger Picards. 

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Irish Wolfhounds?

Irish Wolfhound is a historic sighthound that is dignified, sweet-tempered, and generous. The people of Ireland are quite crazy about the Irish Wolfhound, and some of them think of this hound dog as the unofficial national dog of the country. Due to its thoughtful activities, it will get along well with your Berger Picard.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Great Danes?

Thirty-two inches tall Great Dane features a sturdy build, and it shows a few hunting traits. Reserved and confident, Great Dane is friendly towards other animals. Because of their loving companionship and charming behavior, they get along pretty well with your Berger Picard.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Dandie Dinmont Terriers?

Dandie Dinmont Terrier is a Scottish dog, which is pretty good at hunting. It loves to interact with dogs and other animals. This people-oriented Dandie Dinmont Terrier is amicable in nature, and it loves playing fetch and chase games with your Berger Picard.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Coton De Tulear?

Hailed from the land of Madagascar, the Coton de Tulear is very playful. They are all up for sharing their toys with your Berger Picard. Coton de Tulear is vocal and expressive to some extent. So, your Berger Picard will enjoy the company of this Coton de Tulear.

Why Berger Picards Get Along With Chow Chows?

Bred in the Northern province of China, the Chow Chow is an independent canine companion who loves roaming on the streets of your neighborhood with your Berger Picard. This gentle Chow Chow is loyal to its friends, and it has a very high protective instinct.

You can bring any of these ten dog breeds home. We will suggest bringing these puppies of these breeds so that you can train Berger Picard and its companion for a long time.

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