10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Bernese Mountain Dogs

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Bernese Mountain DogsSturdy, brave, and kind Bernese Mountain Dog loves helping and working with their owners. This breed is lovely and has a sweet and affectionate nature loved by all. They have a thick, silky long coat which makes the Bernese Mountain Dog suitable for colder regions. Also, it does not quickly get aggressive and is patient towards owners and companions. 

Apart from this, Bernese Mountain Dogs get along with anyone in no time and can highly socialize. They are the best choice if you are looking for a family pet or a dog that will get along with other pets. However, they might be protective of their loved ones and can guard them against danger. Overall, it is a large breed that will make a perfect mate for you and your house. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Bernese Mountain Dog

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Douge De Bordeaux?

The Douge de Bordeaux is also popularly known as the French Mastiff. They are gigantic and protect their owners bravely from all danger. Also, it requires a lot of socialization to prevent the aggressive nature that it has. However, this breed is suitable to be a companion of large breeds and does well with them.

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Neapolitan Mastiff?

This breed is giant but sweet and kind towards its family members and fellow dogs. The Neapolitan Mastiff is a stunning guard dog and intelligent enough to train well. However, it would help if you socialized them early with other pets to get along quickly. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Norfolk Terrier?

Tiny, aggressive, and loyal Norfolk Terrier is an excellent pet for all houses and makes a loving companion. This breed is fearless and pretty alert but does not make excellent guard dogs as they are kind to all. Also, it is amicable and adapts well to surroundings and other pets. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Pumi?

Highly active and playful Pumis love to run around the yard and enjoy frequent short walks when they are awake. This breed is very alert and observant and is efficient in working in a field. They also tend to hunt for small creatures, so keep them away from this breed. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Scottish Deerhound?

Also known as the royal dog of Scotland, the Scottish Deerhound is relatively large and loves to please itself the most. Apart from this, they seek human and other pets’ company and hate to be alone. The Scottish Deerhound may look very aggressive but is an affectionate and loving dog. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Tibetan Spaniel?

A Tibetan Spaniel is an excellent watchdog and very cheerful by nature. It is an intelligent breed that is difficult to deceive and can learn tricks to perform. Also, it seeks constant attention and will make a great companion for the calm Bernese Mountain Dog.  

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Irish Wolfhound?

The tall and good-looking Irish wolfhound is known for its prominent features and large size. This breed is not very aggressive and is gentle and kind to all that show affection to it. Also, they treat other animals with respect and care and do not hurt them in any way. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Brittany?

Brittanys are classic hunting dogs that also make great family pets for all individuals. They are graceful, intelligent, and kind towards their owners and other people as well. Brittany adores playing with kids and other pets and likes to have company. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Otterhound?

Affectionate, funny, and shaggy Otterhounds are an ideal choice for each home. They show a lot of affection to their owners and companions and can do anything for them. Also, this breed is very vocal and communicates with humans and dogs quickly. 

Why Bernese Mountain Dog Gets Along With Basenji?

A Basenjis is a very clever and alert hound. This breed is independent and stubborn but loves its owners with all their hearts. However, socialize it well so that it gets along with a Bernese Mountain Dog quickly.  

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