10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Bloodhounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With BloodhoundsInquisitive and amicable Bloodhound is around 25 inches tall, and this proud hound dog is quite stubborn in nature. This Sleuthhound is generally used to find lost items and people who are hiding. Docile and caring Bloodhound shows solemn dignity at whatever it does. 

Easy-going and independent Bloodhound thrives on the companionship of other canine creatures and human kids. These droolers love to go on long walks with a canine companion by their side. The Bloodhounds can be a little sensitive, so you should accommodate them with good-natured dogs only. Let’s take a look at the dog breeds which can be compatible with your Bloodhound. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Bloodhound

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Labrador Retriever?

Amicable Labrador Retriever is known to be the most popular American dog breed, and it will make a high-spirited companion to your Bloodhound. The Labrador Retrievers are mostly gun dogs, and during their adulthood, they attain a height of around 23 inches. These friendly and energetic Retriever dogs should be introduced to other family dogs properly.

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves to play chasing games with other animals. Highly energetic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is pretty patient, and it handles difficult situations quite well. The spaniel dog is as adaptable and fearless as your Bloodhound. 

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Newfoundland?

Highly trainable Newfoundland is a peaceful dog, and it falls under the category of working dog. It features a sweet temperament towards other animals, especially family pets. You should keep a canine creature of the opposite sex with a Newfoundland.

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Boston Terrier?

Lively and smart Boston Terrier is known as an American Gentleman. This affectionate terrier dog is cordial to hound dogs. These terrier dogs love to engage in playful fighting with neighborly dogs. Your Bloodhound will find itself quite cozy and active around the Boston Terrier. 

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Golden Retriever?

Known as the best companion dog, the Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve waterfowls, ducks, and other game birds. Reliable and trustworthy, Golden Retriever thrives in group activities. So, a Golden Retriever can be a good friend to your Bloodhound. 

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Havanese?

Hailed from the tropical land of Cuba, the Havanese features a double layer of soft coat all over its body. This responsive dog breed is quite intelligent and gentle in nature. If you keep both Bloodhound and Havanese together, they will play together all the time.

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Great Dane?

Originated in Germany, Great Dane is a mastiff-type dog. These dogs are quite good at hunting in a pack. This large Great Dane enjoys roaming around the house with other family pets. Not only this, but the Great Dane can also be quite protective of other dogs.

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Irish Setter?

Aristocratic and independent, the Irish Setter is a popular American canine breed. It enjoys taking part in sporting activities just like your Bloodhound. 25 to 27 inches tall Irish Setter is full of grace and wild spirit. Your Bloodhound will love wandering around the neighborhood with this setter dog.

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Border Collie?

Border Collies are quite good with dogs of their own size. This working dog loves to herd livestock and other animals. The Border Collies are athletic in nature, and so, it gives your Bloodhound a good competition.

Why Your Bloodhound Gets Along With Sealyham Terriers?

Originated in the USA, Boston Terrier is a distinguishing canine breed known for its friendly behavior. The Boston Terrier can help your Bloodhound during its anxiety episodes. Your Bloodhound will get along quite well with this dauntless terrier dog.

You can choose one of the top dog breeds for your Bloodhound. All of them are sweet-tempered and will help your sensitive Bloodhound feel comfortable in the company.

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