10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Bluetick Coonhounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Bluetick CoonhoundsTenacious and independent Bluetick Coonhound is a 22 inches tall hound dog that is known to be an affectionate charmer. This good-looking hound dog has a high prey drive, and it is quite bold in nature. Compact and fast-paced Bluetick coonhounds love to hunt at night.

This well-muscled Bluetick Coonhound has a glossy coat all over its body, and it enjoys getting attention from its owners. The Bluetick Coonhound suffers from anxiety issues and depression all the time. So, you need to keep them busy and active throughout the day. Let’s learn about the dog breeds compatible with your Bluetick Coonhound.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Bluetick Coonhound

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Dalmatians?

The Dalmatian is a medium-sized canine breed, and earlier, people used to use them as carriage dogs. Outgoing and intelligent, Dalmatians are bred these days for hunting. The Dalmatians can run at a speed of 37 miles per hour. It will put up a good competition for your Bluetick Coonhound.

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Chinooks?

Sensitive and gentle, Chinook is mainly a sled dog. Bred in New Hampshire, the Chinook is a dignified canine creature that has a pleasant demeanor. This loving Chinook demands consistent training, and it might get along well with your Bluetick Coonhound.

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Border Terriers?

Powerful and agile, Border Terrier enjoys digging in your backyard. This rough-coated terrier dog is pretty fearless and alert. The Border Terrier obeys the orders provided by its owners. So, it is quite tolerant of other dogs at its home.

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Belgian Malinois?

Medium-sized Belgian Malinois is good at herding, and it has long hair over its body. This dauntless dog lives around 12 years. You can take both your Bluetick Coonhound and Belgian Malinois through behavior modification training. If possible, reward these two dogs for their appropriate behavior since their puppyhood.

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Akitas?

Muscular and courageous, Akita has been around since ancient times. This double-coated Japanese dog is quite loyal to its human owners, and it shows dignity at whatever it does. You should take the Akita through proper socialization classes and training if you are thinking of accommodating it with your Bluetick Coonhound.

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Great Pyrenees?

Native to the USA, Great Pyrenees is a popular mountain dog, and it prefers working whenever it is awake. 27 inches tall Great Pyrenees is quite affectionate in nature, and it takes care of other animals at your home. These fearless Great Pyrenees will love having a friend like Bluetick Coonhound with it all the time.

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Kerry Blue Terriers?

Bred to control foxes, rabbits, hares, etc., Kerry Blue Terrier is a strong-willed and high-spirited canine breed. Kerry Blue Terrier thinks of itself as the guardian of other small family dogs. Gentle and loyal Kerry Blue Terrier enjoys taking part in hunting with your Bluetick Coonhound. 

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Norwegian Buhunds?

Norwegian Buhund is a typical herding dog that has excellent watchdog ability. This nanny dog always remains eager to please other animals and humans. These Norwegian Buhunds are quick learners. 

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Schipperkes?

Hailed from the small European country of Belgium, the Schipperke has high curiosity, and it is quite faithful to humans. Fearless and confident, Schipperke adores other small animals, and it loves playing with other dogs. You can train your Bluetick Coonhound and Schipperke together if you want. 

Why Your Bluetick Coonhound Gets Along With Scottish Terriers?

Scottish Terrier or Scottie is a self-assured canine breed. This independent and playful Scottish Terrier helps your Bluetick Coonhound eliminate its loneliness, separation anxiety, etc. Your Bluetick Coonhound will love having such a companion by its side the entire day.

Please choose one of these top ten dog breeds. We are quite certain your Bluetick Coonhound will be the happiest with its canine companion. 

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