10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Border Collies

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Border ColliesHighly energetic and smart, Border Collie is a medium-sized herding dog that is known as a workaholic. This bright dog enjoys taking part in athletic activities, and this handsome Collie is agile in nature. This highly trainable Border Collie features a distinctive physical appearance, and they have dreamy almond eyes.

These Border Collies are the happiest when they take up herding duties. This Collie finds itself very comfortable around its friends, and it is quite good at obeying the orders of its owner. The Border Collie suffers from separation anxiety, so it will be better if you can accommodate it with a canine friend. Let’s know about some of the dog breeds compatible with your Border Collie.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Border Collie

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Berger Picards?

Berger Picard is a heavy-boned herding dog that originated in France. Assertive and mellow, Berger Picard is a rare dog today. This scruffy sheepdog is quite energetic and enjoys the company of other canine creatures. So, your Border Collie will be comfortable sharing a home with this Berger Picard.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Cairn Terriers?

Hailed from Scottish highlands, the Cairn Terriers are small in size, and it is thought to be one of the oldest dogs of Scotland. The terrier dog loves to go hunting, and it is prone to chase smaller animals. Fearless and hardy, Cairn Terrier is extremely active. So, it will get along quite well with your Border Collie.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Doberman Pinschers?

The Doberman Pinschers are mainly found in the USA and its neighboring country Canada. This heavy-footed Pinscher dog is obedient in nature. But, it can be quite dominant of canine creatures from the same-sex. So, you should keep them together with Border Collie of the opposite sex.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Giant Schnauzers?

Originated in Germany, the Giant Schnauzer is a large-sized schnauzer dog that runs in black, salt and pepper colors. Strong-willed Giant Schnauzer has a protective instinct towards small animals. These powerful Giant Schnauzers will enjoy the company of your Border Collie.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Komondor?

Bred in Hungary, the Komondor is mainly a sheepdog, just like your Border Collie. The long-coated Komondor is called “mop dog” by locals. This guarding dog is quite gentle and calm in nature. Owing to its guarding instinct and liveliness, this Komondor can be a good match for your Border Collie.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Norfolk Terriers?

Spontaneous and affectionate, Norfolk Terrier features a live and let live attitude. This British dog is quite independent like your Border Collie. Both of them enjoy roaming in the neighborhood and exploring unknown sites.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Originated in Wales, Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an excellent herding dog. This spitz-type dog is pretty tenacious and slightly outdoorsy. Corgis are overly playful. So, if you keep this Corgi with your Border Collie, you will find them sharing toys and playing with each other.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?

Large in size, Chesapeake Bay Retriever is mainly a gundog that loves participating in all types of sports. These American dogs have been around since the 19th century, and they are quite adaptive in nature. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever doesn’t cause harm to any of its fellow canine house pets.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Samoyeds?

The Samoyeds are quite adept in hunting and herding. The double-coated Samoyeds are fluffy white dogs that are fond of group activities. It will help your Border Collie in its herding duty a lot.

Why Your Border Collie Gets Along With Skye Terriers?

Skye Terriers fall under the endangered canine breeds of England. These terrier dogs are pretty gregarious. You can consider Skye Terrier as a proper match for your Border Collie.

These 10 dog breeds feature exceptional behavioral qualities, and so all of them can be well-suited for your Border Collie. We ask novice dog parents to start with a sweet-tempered canine companion for your Border Collie at first.

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