10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Boston Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Boston TerriersAmusing and bright, Boston Terrier is a medium-sized American dog that is quite sporty in nature. This lively little dog features a compact physique, and it has a tuxedo coat all over its body. This American Gentleman shows extraordinary kindness and curiosity.

Friendly and people-oriented Boston Terrier loves going on outdoor walks with neighborly dogs. The Boston Terrier can be a mischief-maker if it gets a canine companion after its own heart. You can check out the following dog breeds for this urban pet, as all of them would be compatible with your Boston Terrier.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Boston Terrier

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Black And Tan Coonhounds?

Developed in the southern part of the USA, the Black and Tan Coonhound is pretty loveable and adaptable in nature. This easy-going hound dog trusts other dogs almost immediately. They find themselves comfortable around dog-experienced cats. This gentle Black and Tan Coonhound can be a good canine friend to your Boston Terrier.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Brussels Griffons?

Originated in Belgium, the Brussels Griffon is a hypoallergenic canine creature, and it is a dog lover’s favorite because of its alertness. Inquisitive and sensitive, Brussels Griffon thinks of itself as an important being, and so, he loves to boss around. But, this Brussels Griffon thinks of other dogs as its siblings.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

The English Foxhound is a companionable British dog. Some dog experts think of this foxhound as a close cousin to the American Foxhound. The hound dog is pretty athletic in nature and highly tolerant of other creatures. This friendly scent hound will consider itself lucky if it gets your Boston Terrier as its all-time companion. 

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Chow Chows?

Chow Chow is a sturdy dog from China, and it features a dense double coat all over its body. The dog loves to sit quietly at one corner of your home. You will barely see them disturbing other pets. You can house your Boston Terrier with this adorable Chow Chow.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With German Shepherds?

Friendly and somewhat aggressive, German Shepherd hardly tolerates other dogs of the same sex. This family dog obeys all the orders of its owners, and that is why it is easy to train them. You can raise your Boston Terrier together with a German Shepherd since puppyhood.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Irish Wolfhounds?

Hailed from Ireland, Irish Wolfhound is a soft-hearted and thoughtful sighthound. This even-tempered dog seeks a canine companion to spend its alone time with. This generous hound dog has a lot of patience. It tolerates Boston Terriers quite well.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Pekingese?

The good-natured Pekingese is a Chinese dog that served the royal court for a number of years. Highly intelligent and loyal, Pekingese needs a companion by its side to provide it company at whatever it does. Well-socialized and gentle, Pekingese accept other dogs too quickly.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Rat Terriers?

Originated in the USA, the Rat Terrier is mainly a farm dog. It is also pretty adept in hunting. Your Boston Terrier will love to accompany this Rat Terrier at its hunting expeditions. Both of them are from the Terrier group. 

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Scottish Deerhounds?

Dignified and docile, the Scottish Deerhound is a rough-coated canine, and this type of coat helps the dog in hiding behind the bushes while hunting. The hound dog is around 30-32 inches tall. It features a friendly demeanor. So, your Boston Terrier will enjoy this hound dog’s company.

Why Boston Terrier Gets Along With Tibetan Spaniels?

Well-renowned as alarm dogs, the Tibetan Spaniels are pretty sensitive, and they will make a good friend to your Boston Terrier. The dog was originally bred to accompany Buddhist monks. Assertive and wilful, Tibetan Spaniel will love to play with your Boston Terrier.

All these dog breeds are quite friendly, and they will help your Boston Terrier stay away from mental problems. Let your Boston Terrier choose a companion from the aforementioned list.

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