10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Boxers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With BoxersBoxers are high-energy dogs with hearts full of affection. They have strong muscular figures and require a good amount of exercise daily to maintain themselves. Boxer’s active and spontaneous nature makes them suitable playmates for children. 

Boxers make brilliant guard dogs, but they are not at all aggressive and will refrain from injuring others until absolutely necessary. That is why they get along with dogs and other pets they have grown up with since puppyhood. Though they are overall friendly dogs, it is difficult for them to befriend unknown animals, but with proper socialization training, they are able to get over this shyness. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Boxers

Why Boxer Gets Along With Welsh Terrier?

Welsh Terriers are full of devotion and affection for their family members. They are very social and have a wide circle of animal friends. Welsh Terriers are intelligent breeds who are independent and easy to train, making perfect companions for Boxers. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Yorkshire Terrier?

Contrary to their tiny size, a Yorkshire Terrier is full of courage and arrogance. They do get along with children as well as other pets but have a little problem adjusting to bigger breeds. They are playful, fun-loving, and are bound to keep you entertained throughout the day.

Why Boxer Gets Along With Vizslas?

Vizslas can be a little stubborn, and training them can prove to be a bit of a challenge. They need long hours for exercising to remain fit and active. They have a very sensitive nature which makes them socially extroverted, and hence they get along well with dogs and cats. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Whippet?

Whippets are excellent runners and require enough outdoor activities to maintain their health. They are inherently obedient, which makes them easy to train, and they are also very gentle with kids. Their outgoing personalities make them easy to befriend, and hence they have no problem getting along with other animals. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Tibetan Terriers?

Tibetan Terriers are recognized for their remarkable agility. They are full of courage and are bound to protect their family from any possible danger. Their sweet personalities allow them to befriend other animals easily, and they get along fine with home pets. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Tibetan Spaniel?

Tibetan Spaniels have high levels of intelligence like the Boxer, which makes them suitable guard dogs. They also have a very cheerful disposition and tend to mix well with other animals. Tibetan Spaniels can, however, be extremely overprotective and controlling, which makes them dominate other pets. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Saint Bernard?

Saint Bernard appears to be ferocious, but on the contrary, they are actually pretty saintly. However, they do set a claim on territory, which makes them great watchdogs. They have a gentle and friendly nature which allows them to be a favorite of the children, other house pets, and every other family member. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Tibetan Mastiff?

Do not let their huge size intimidate you since they have a very charming and gentle nature. They do make brilliant watchdogs due to their alertness and keen instinct. The Tibetan Mastiff can be a little difficult to deal with, but they are generally very accepting and will get along with other family pets.

Why Boxer Gets Along With English Cocker Spaniel?

They are known for their easy-going and fun personalities, which make them terrible at guarding and protecting. They are always up to some mischief, and with them, around the house, no two days will be the same. Their airy temperament allows them to gel well with all animals without any difficulty. 

Why Boxer Gets Along With Sussex Spaniel?

Sussex Spaniels hate being left alone for long durations and crave company at all times. They are gentle-natured and easily get along with all animals, including cats. But they still need a little socialization training to avoid adopting aggressive methods towards unknown dogs.

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