10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Brittany

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With BrittanyOriginated in Brittany, France, Brittany is an upbeat and bright sporting dog. This gun dog attains a height of around 18 inches during its adulthood, and it can live up to 14 years. Fun-loving and agile, Brittany tirelessly takes part in all the household activities, and it enjoys the company of other animals.

Versatile Brittany makes a peerless hunter, and this canine breed is good at sports. Obedient and playful, Brittany loves to play with fly balls, and it is well-skilled at dock diving. Your Brittany will need a hunting companion or an outdoorsy canine friend for its mental wellbeing.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Brittany

Why Brittany Gets Along With Belgian Sheepdogs?

High trainable and intelligent, Belgian Sheepdog is a medium-sized herder. Preferred for its hard work, the Belgian Sheepdog is one of the fastest dog breeds available on earth. These sheepdogs are the happiest when they get a loving companion by their side.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Australian Terriers?

Self-confident and sturdy, the Australian Terrier is small in size. This hypoallergenic Terrier dog is a free-spirited one, and it is full of courage. Even-tempered and loyal, Australian Terrier is quite companionable, and so, other dogs find themselves comfortable around this Terrier dog.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Briards?

Highly energetic and fearless, Briard is a French herding dog. This faithful Briard has a natural instinct for defending other animals. Overly protective, Briard obeys the orders provided by its owners. It enjoys having a friend around it.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Chinese Crested?

Hailed from China, the Chinese Crested is an exotic dog that is small in size. This hairless Chinese Crested is generally used as an alarm dog, and it is pretty quiet in nature. This wonderful family dog enjoys the company of other endearing dogs like your Brittany. Both of them are affectionate and playful.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Dandie Dinmont Terriers?

Often termed as the “Gentleman of Terrier family,” the Dandie dinmont terrier is mainly a hunting dog. Calm and long-bodied Dandie dinmont terrier originated in Scotland, and it is pretty determined in nature. Independent and lively, Dandie Dinmont Terrier enjoys talking to neighborhood dogs.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Havanese?

Cuddly and silky-coated Havanese makes a good family companion. This bichon-type dog is pretty intelligent, and it comforts other canine creatures at its owner’s home. Gentle and affectionate, Havanese will love playing flyball with your Brittany.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Kerry Blue Terriers?

Fearless and strong-willed, Kerry Blue Terrier is pretty skilled at hunting small animals and birds. This free-spirited Terrier dog was bred as a working dog. This terrier dog barely fights with other dogs, and so, it can be the new best friend for your Brittany.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Neapolitan Mastiffs?

Rediscovered in Italy, the Neapolitan Mastiff is an ancient dog that is large in size and lives up to 10 years. This mastiff dog likes to dominate other creatures, but with thorough training, you can turn it into a well-mannered dog. If possible, adopt both Brittany and Neapolitan Mastiff at their puppyhood and raise them together.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Otterhounds?

Large in size, the Otterhounds are hunting dogs like your Brittany. Bred in England, the Otterhound is mainly a scent hound, and it has a high prey drive. If you keep your Brittany with an Otterhound, both of them will love going on hunting expeditions together.

Why Brittany Gets Along With Russell Terriers?

Inquisitive and spontaneous, Russell Terrier is only 10 to 12 inches tall. This terrier dog is as athletic as your Brittany. Both of them love taking part in sports competitions. This tireless working terrier will win the heart of your Brittany.

All these 10 dog breeds are known for their sweet demeanor, and they will adore a puppy, Brittany. Still, you should keep training them so that they can grow up to be well-behaved dogs for your Brittany.

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