10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Brussels Griffon

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Brussels GriffonCurious and loyal, Brussels Griffon is only 7 to 10 inches tall, and it is quite sensitive in nature. Smart and devoted to family, the Brussels Griffon thinks very highly of itself, and it features a clownish attitude. Categorized as a toy dog, the Brussels Griffon shows a remarkable personality, and it is pretty good around neighborly dogs.

The bearded Brussels Griffon is playful, sociable, and super energetic. The Brussels Griffon loves to roughhouse with other canine companions whom they think of as their playmates. The comical Brussels Griffon will fill your home with joy and laughter, but for its lonely hours, it desperately needs a canine friend.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Brussels Griffon

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Beaucerons?

Powerful yet sensitive, Beaucerons originated in Central France. This calm and friendly dog loves to take up herding duties. This upright canine breed has a natural protective instinct towards puppies and other small animals. This working dog also loves to go hunting wild boars.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Bichons Frises?

Cheerful and loving Bichons Frise is a small canine breed which runs in white color mostly. This fluffy dog is pretty playful, and it doesn’t mind sharing its toys with its playmates. Feisty yet affectionate, Bichons Frise enjoys participating in mischievous activities with your Brussels Griffon.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Chinooks?

Developed for the role of a Sled dog, the Chinook is a 20th-century dog of America. This official state dog of New Hampshire, the Chinook is quite dignified, and it is friendly towards other dogs. Thick-coated Chinook makes a good family dog that excels at mushing. The Chinook is similar to the Brussels Griffon.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Smooth Fox Terriers?

Playful and hyperactive, Smooth Fox terrier is a gentleman of the terrier world. This ancient fox terrier breed features a devil may care attitude, and it shows excellent alertness. This gregarious terrier dog will get along quite well with your Brussels Griffon.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs?

Large in size, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog hails from Switzerland, and it features a sweet temperament. This diligent worker is so full of strength that in the Swiss Alps region, it is used for heavy-duty tasks only. This herding dog is devoted to its owner’s family like your Brussels griffon, and both of them are highly energetic.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Irish Terriers?

Hailed from Ireland, the Irish Terrier is thought to be one of the oldest terrier dogs. Lively and respectful, Irish Terriers are good with other canine creatures. These independent terrier dogs are social animals. So, it will befriend your Brussels Griffon pretty quickly.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Keeshond?

Sturdy and obedient, Keeshond is an impressive dog from Holland. This spitz-type dog is undoubtedly a quick learner, and you don’t have to set aside much time for its training. You should accommodate the Keeshond with your Brussels Griffon since their puppyhood. This way, they will think of themselves as siblings.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Norfolk Terriers?

Dog lovers like to call Norfolk Terrier a “big dog in a small package.” Alert and nimble Norfolk Terrier thrives on companionship. Loveable and free-spirited, Norfolk Terrier knows how to keep itself happy throughout the day.

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Agreeable and athletic, Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small house dog. This companionable dog from Pembrokeshire is quite tenacious and outgoing. This dwarf dog doesn’t show any problem with other house pets; rather, they make friends with them pretty quickly. 

Why Brussels Griffons Gets Along With Golden Retrievers?

For a high level of endurance and sweet demeanor, the Golden Retriever is one of the well-renowned dogs in the world. Skilled at hunting, the Golden Retriever seeks a canine companion. Your Brussels Griffon will find a trustful friend in your Golden Retriever.

All these top 10 dog breeds have the potential to emerge as the next best friend of your Brussels Griffon. Do proper research before you bring one of them home.  

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