10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Bull Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Bull TerriersCharming and mischievous, Bull Terrier is a 21 inches tall terrier dog that is quite devoted to its family. This stubborn dog demands a lot of human attention, and it has an endearing personality. The Bull Terriers are robust and heavy-boned; they love to wrestle with other dogs.

Powerful and agile, Bull Terrier features an egg-shaped head, and this loveable dog needs a lot of exercise for its healthy well-being. The muscular Bull Terrier needs an entertaining companion to get rid of separation anxiety. The dignified Bull Terrier tolerates other dogs quite well, and it loves playing with its canine companion throughout the day. We are quite hopeful that the following dog breeds will be compatible with your Bull Terrier.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Bull Terriers

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Belgian Malinois?

Well-balanced and elegant, Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized herding dog, and it lives around 14 years. This square dog runs at a 45 kilometer per hour speed, and it puts a good competition for your Bull Terrier. The Belgian Malinois protects other dogs at home with its life.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Borzois?

Hailed from Russia, Borzois make a good family dog, and it is quite skilled at hunting rabbits. Quiet and gentle, Borzoi is mainly a sighthound. This fearless 17th-century dog is a diligent worker, and it assists your Bull Terrier in successfully conducting household tasks.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Cairn Terriers?

Originated in the Isle of Skye, the Cairn Terrier falls under the category of working dogs. This Scottish Cairn Terrier is skilled at hunting, and it loves to chase small animals for fun. Both Bull Terrier and Cairn Terrier are from the Terrier family, and that is why they show excellent compatibility.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

Though the English Foxhounds were originally bred to hunt foxes, they are okay with their role as a family companion today. This scent hound has a high tolerance level, and so it is friendly towards other house pets. The companionable English Foxhound has a strong prey drive, just like your Bull Terrier.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With French Bulldogs?

Developed in England, the French Bulldog is a miniaturized dog known for its excellent companionship. Stocky and compact, French Bulldogs are well-mannered, and they will love to have a company around them. This highly sociable Bulldog is pretty powerful, bright, and alert.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Icelandic Sheepdogs?

Versatile Icelandic Sheepdogs were bred to protect lambs and sheep from predators. This spitz-type dog is capable of taking up heavy-duty tasks. The Icelandic Sheepdog is as hardy and inquisitive as your Bull Terrier.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Neapolitan Mastiffs?

Rediscovered in the 1940s, the Neapolitan Mastiff is an ancient dog that is quite large in size. The dog is slightly dominant, and it tries to lead other house pets. But, with proper physical training and a behavioral modification program, you can turn your Mastiff dog into a well-behaved canine. 

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Parson Russell Terriers?

Originated in the southern part of England, the Parson Russell Terrier was bred for fox hunting. This bold and energetic Terrier dog always remains eager to please its owners and other dogs. This small terrier dog features some similar qualities as that of your Bull Terrier.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With German Shorthaired Pointers?

Regal and stylish, German Shorthaired Pointer excels at hunting. But, this medium to large German Shorthaired Pointer falls under the sporting group. This inquisitive breed will love to explore the neighborhood and wander around the streets with your Bull Terrier by its side.

Why Bull Terriers Gets Along With Salukis?

Developed by nomadic tribes, the Salukis are reserved and quiet dogs. These aloof dogs are giant in size. It loves to see itself as boss of the house. The Salukis think of themselves as protectors of the humans and other house pets.

These top 10 dog breeds will help your Bull Terrier feel comfortable at its home. You should train each one of them since puppyhood. 

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