10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Bulldogs

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With BulldogsMuscular and courageous Bulldogs are medium-sized canine creatures with wrinkled faces.

This docile dog has an impressive tenacity, and it is more of a pacifist. Dignified and kind English Bulldog has lots of patience, and it loves to express its emotions.

Though the British Bulldogs are aggressive at times, they know how to form a strong bond with children and other house pets.

Originated in the early 17th century, the bulldogs seek a powerful and strong canine companion of their own size.

You might find the right one from the following list of dog breeds. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Bulldogs

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Border Collies?

Highly intelligent and trainable Border Collies are as tenacious as your Bulldog. This keen Border Collie shines at herding livestock.

The Collie dog features boundless energy, so it is always up for a stroll with your Bulldog.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Catahoula Leopards?

Medium to large Catahoula Leopard is a short-coated American dog. This state dog of Louisiana features a gentle demeanor and a sweet temperament.

This inquisitive Catahoula Leopard will love exploring the neighborhood with your British Bulldog.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Finnish Spitz?

Finnish Spitz is a lively dog from Finland, and it excels at tracking other animals. This foxy-faced Finnish Spitz is a fearless hunter, and it will love having a company on its hunting expeditions.

This overly playful Spitz dog can be pretty vocal about its feelings.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Japanese Chin?

Charming and silky coated, Japanese Chin is an adorable lap dog. This ancient Japanese dog asks for a lot of attention, and it suffers from jealousy if there are other pets at home.

So, you should train your Bulldog and Japanese chin together for a few years. This way, they will be able to tolerate each other pretty well.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Kuvasz?

Majestic and intelligent, Kuvasz was bred to guard livestock. This traditional Hungarian dog has served the royal family as a watchdog, and it thrives in group activities.

This large and white dog is pretty clownish in nature. It shows excellent patience around other dogs. 

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Norwegian Elkhounds?

Bred to hunt moose, the Norwegian Elkhounds are an all-rounder canine breed. They are good at herding, guarding properties, and also at hunting.

For years, they worked in a pack, and so, they have a high level of tolerance towards other dogs. 

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Pitbull?

Originated in the USA, the Pitbulls are partly Bulldog and terrier. So, it is evident that your British Bulldog will think of Pitbull as one from its own community.

The muscular and powerful Pitbulls love to wrestle with other dogs playfully. It seeks a canine companion desperately to prevent loneliness.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Flat-Coated Retrievers?

The Flat-Coated Retriever took birth in the United Kingdom, and it is known as a devoted gun dog.

This optimistic Retriever dog is pretty confident, and it remains quiet around other dogs. These Retrievers do not engage in any hunting activity with your Bulldog.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Samoyeds?

Valuable and thick-coated Samoyed makes a good hunting companion. These fluffy white dogs enjoy herding with other dogs.

These friendly dogs take the initiative to introduce themselves to neighborly dogs and cats. It will find the company of your Bulldog quite entertaining.

Why Bulldogs Gets Along With Shiba Inu?

Hailed from Japan, the Shiba Inu is a charming canine companion with an excellent demeanor. This faithful dog features a keen sense of humor, and it remains alert all the time.

The Shiba Inu has the potential to be the best friend of your British Bulldog.

Please research about these breeds before you adopt one to provide company to your Bulldog.

If possible, take your English Bulldog to the pet store and let it choose its new companion.

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