10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Chorkies

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With ChorkiesThe designer combination between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua results in a Chorkie. It is a tiny breed that is adorable and perfect as a home pet. Also, Chorkies might look small but have a great personality and high energy levels. This breed is brilliant, and you must train it to prevent its housebreaking practices.   

Chorkies are delicate dogs, so ensure not keeping them with fellow dog mates that are comparatively huge. It is because larger breeds with higher energy levels might end up hurting them unintentionally. Also, this breed may not be suitable for families with small kids. Overall, it is a fun-loving and kind breed that will make an excellent pet for the right people. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Chorkies

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Norwich Terrier?

Fearless, happy, and fun-loving Norwich Terriers are known for hunting rodents and keeping them away from their homes. Also, this breed is small in size, high-adaptable, and loves to be around kids and other pets. However, they tend to bark a lot, but you can minimize this by training them well.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Beagle?

Beagles are cheerful, friendly, and loyal canines that make a wonderful family pet and companion. This breed is not aggressive and highly adaptable to its surroundings. Also, they do well with both kids and pets with minimal effort.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Havanese?

Highly affectionate and clever Havanese love to please their owners and get along well with all their companions. Also, this breed is amiable and kind even around strangers as it loves to socialize. Overall, a Havanese is a loving lap dog that will enlighten a house with cheer. 

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Skye Terrier?

The Skye Terrier is a brave and well-behaved pet that is very loyal to its owners and companions. This breed is friendly around people they know but suspicious of strangers. Overall, it is an adorable therapy dog that can also guard its house well. 

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Sussex Spaniel?

Possessive, loving, and gentle Sussex Spaniel is a great companion choice as it quickly gets along with other pets. Also, this breed is slow to anger but craves for constant attention to be calm. The Sussex Spaniel is also an excellent watchdog and makes a perfect family pet.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier?

Loyal, friendly, and cheerful Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are very playful and highly energetic. It enjoys playing all day long with companions and kids. Also, they are highly protective and bark when they suspect any danger.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Basset Hound?

Calm, lazy, and gentle Basset Hounds are good-natured and kind pets. Basset Hounds get along with all and are amicable by nature. Also, they love to socialize and are incredibly smart to train. Overall, this breed is a perfect family pet and companion.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Brussels Griffon?

Brussels Griffon is a bright and clever breed that belongs to the country of Belgium. They are known for their affection towards their owners and love to caress them all day long. This breed makes a perfect fellow dog companion and prefers to have constant companionship.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Bichon Frise?

Fun-loving and cheerful Bichon Frise makes excellent family dogs and companions for all individuals. This breed is friendly around other pets and kids and is sensitive by nature. Also, they are slow to anger and will love you with all their heart.

Why Chorkie Gets Along With Norfolk Terrier?

Highly alert, loving, and fun to be with, Norfolk Terriers are friendly and gentle with their family. Also, this breed loves to have constant companionship and hates to be alone. However, ensure early socialization for them to get along with other pets.

The best breeds compatible with the Chorkie are on this list. However, ensure you raise them with your Chorkie to create strong bonds. 

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