10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Coton De Tulear

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Coton De TulearLoyal and adorable Coton de Tulears are charming and amiable canines. This tiny dog has all the qualities that one seeks in a loving pet. It is a toy breed that grows up to 14 inches in height and makes lovely companions. However, they may not be ideal mates for robust dogs as they are too small. 

Otherwise, the Coton de Tulear is an affectionate mate for all pets in their house and does not hesitate to make friends. Moreover, this breed is a superb family pet that befriends small kids with little socialization. Overall, they are perfect canines for all people and make terrific companions. However, ensure you do not leave them alone for hours as they are sensitive and hate loneliness. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Coton De Tulear 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Golden Retriever?

Amiable and playful Golden Retrievers are wonderful family pets and playmates for all pets in their house. This breed loves attention and showers its people with a lot of love. Also, they are comfortable around kids and befriend other canines easily. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Affenpinscher?

Active and lively Affenpinscher will make a perfect mate for the Coton de Tulear. They are small-sized canines that are versatile and cherish their family. Also, this breed befriends other dogs and pets easily; however, socialize them for best results. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Japanese Chin?

The Japanese Chin is small but has a great personality to attract anyone’s attention towards them. Moreover, this breed is amiable and graceful, making it a perfect mate for all pets in their homes. Also, they make terrific therapy dogs and like to snuggle in their owner’s lap all day long. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With English Cocker Spaniel?

Devoted and affectionate English Cocker Spaniels adore their loved ones and like to caress them. This breed is small and prefers companionship instead of living alone. Also, they are perfect for homes with kids and toddlers as they are extremely patient. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Shih Tzu?

Also known as the ‘little lion,’ a Shih Tzu is a loving breed that likes to please its owners. It is friendly and kind by nature but may need socializing to prevent adverse behavior. Otherwise, a Shih Tzu is a perfect playmate and companion for all canines and pets. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Saint Bernard?

One cannot miss this gentle giant while considering amiable companions. Saint Bernard is a friendly and loving canine that does not harm anybody and even befriends kids. This breed is very patient and kind to be a fitting pet for every person.  

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Poodle?

Cheerful Poodles are not just excellent companions but lovely pets for everyone. This breed is known for its loving and kind nature towards all. Also, it loves to socialize with everyone and make new pals in the park each day. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With French Bulldog?

Unlike other bulldogs, the French Bulldog is affectionate and kind by nature. They are great home pets and snuggle partners for all individuals. Moreover, this breed is amiable with other canines and quickly befriends pets. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Kuvasz?

The Kuvasz is a reliable companion and perfect pet for all people. This canine is very loving, making it a popular choice for everyone and an excellent companion. Further, it befriends children and other pets in the house with ease. 

Why Coton De Tulear Gets Along With Silky Terrier?

Quick and gracious Silky Terrier is a playful canine that loves playing with its mates in the yard. Moreover, this breed alert makes it a stunning watchdog for every house. Further, this canine also befriends other pets and canines without any trouble. 

These canines will make stunning companions for your Coton de Tulear. Yet, socializing with them will help in forming reliable bonds. 

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