10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Dogues de Bordeaux

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Dogues De BordeauxDogues de Bordeaux is territorial breeds and can display aggression if they feel others threaten their boundaries. They are extremely loyal and will never step down from protecting their family in times of danger. They are very curious in nature and require a lot of socialization training to get them used to other animals.

Even though they gel well with children, it is hard for them to warm up to other pets as they can be a little dominating. However, they are sweet and full of love but find it difficult to express. Bordeaux can be aggressive towards other animals, and it is always a good idea to keep them on the leash on their first meeting.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Dogues de Bordeaux

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Belgian Sheepdog?

Belgian Sheepdogs are fun, playful, and simply adore kids, which is why they make excellent playmates. They hate to be left alone for long periods and can develop destructive behavior as a sign of retaliation. Sheepdogs are pretty social in nature and get along just fine with all animals. However, their idea of fun might be to chase cats around the property once in a while, but they would never harm them.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Australian Terriers?

It would be foolish to regard them as harmless due to their tiny size; if required, they can be quite ferocious to protect their family. However, their high alertness makes them really good watchdogs. Australian Terriers have a low tolerance for smaller animals and will hunt them down, but they do well with other dogs, especially if they have grown up with them.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Berger Picards?

Picards are always bursting with energy, and it is important for them to receive enough exercise to remain fit and healthy. In addition, they require proper socialization training to help them mix with cats; otherwise, they might end up chasing them away. However, they do get along with other dogs.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Bull Terriers?

Bull Terriers are full of energy and love to be active all the time. It is a delight to have them around the house as they can keep you well entertained. They get along well with other house pets since they hate being alone and enjoy company at all times.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Border Collies?

Border Collies are working breeds and prefer to learn certain skills rather than socializing. This can lead to nervousness around other animals, and hence it is necessary to teach them to mix with other pets. If they do not receive proper training, they can get into fights with other house pets.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Ibizan Hounds?

Ibizans are skilled hunters with high alert instincts. They are extremely intelligent and can be trained to guard the house against unwanted strangers and animals. These hounds are friendly and have no problem accepting other dogs, especially if they have grown up with them.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Irish Wolfhounds?

They are strong, agile, and make excellent watchdogs. Wolfhounds are very sweet and affectionate towards their family. They can easily befriend other dogs, but due to their hunting background might take to chasing cats and other smaller animals.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Japanese Chin?

Japanese are unique for their cat-like appearance and habits. They are very sweet-natured, hence make brilliant support dogs. They are good with children and generally get along with other small dogs like themselves.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Keeshond?

Despite their small size, they are strong and agile, perfect for guarding purposes. They are friendly and adore the company of children. Keeshonds are extremely enthusiastic and gel well with all animals, including cats.

Why Dogues de Bordeaux Gets Along With Finnish Spitz?

They have a friendly and fun nature and can easily warm up to the family. They are a little suspicious of strangers and will usually bark a lot to signify that they are uncomfortable. However, the Finnish Spitz is actually quite friendly and will get along well with both dogs and cats.

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