10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with English Cocker Spaniels

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With English Cocker SpanielsMerry and energetic, English Cocker Spaniel is a 16 to 18 inches tall athletic dog that lives around 12 years. This adorable English Cocker Spaniel is pretty responsive towards positive training and great with other family dogs. Highly adaptable and sociable English Cocker Spaniels have a protective nature, and these dogs make good watchdogs.

Delightful and well-muscled English Cocker Spaniel has an eagerness to please others, and this breed is popularly known as “hunter’s helper.” The even-tempered English Cocker Spaniel requires a constant companion for its mental well-being. So, pick one or two dog breeds from the following list. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for English Cocker Spaniels

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers?

Regarded as a “Decoy Dog,” the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are medium-sized hunting dogs like your English Cocker Spaniel. However, the outgoing Retriever dog is full of patience and endurance. Due to its protective instinct, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever will keep your English Cocker Spaniel safe from danger. 

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Silky Terriers?

Alert and joyful, Silky Terriers are fun-loving dogs from Australia. This responsive canine breed is quite gentle around other dogs and never tries to fight dogs bigger than its size. The Silky Terriers are highly affectionate towards other creatures, and they learn new things pretty quickly. The Silky Terrier can be a good match for your spaniel dog.

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Sussex Spaniels?

Native to the southern part of England, the Sussex Spaniels are compact and hardy domestic dogs. These adorable canine creatures are friendly and cheerful in nature. Both the Sussex Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels belong to the spaniel group, and so, both of them are outgoing in nature. 

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Tibetan Terriers?

Energetic and affectionate, Tibetan Terriers are medium-sized gun dogs from Tibet. This amiable canine creature is highly sensitive. These terrier dogs can understand the canine emotions of your English Cocker Spaniel pretty easily. The Tibetan Terrier will support your spaniel dog no matter what. 

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With West Highland White Terriers?

Intelligent and bold, West Highland White Terriers are exceptionally friendly and fun-loving dogs. These terrier dogs from Scotland live as long as your English Cocker Spaniel. Both of them are fond of working and remain pretty active all through the day.

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Afghan Hounds?

Dated back to the pre-Christian era, the Afghan Hounds are a strong and hard-working canine breed. Hailed from Afghanistan, the Afghan Hounds are dignified and independent dogs like your English Cocker Spaniel. If you keep them together, they will enjoy each other’s company.

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Canaan Dogs?

Cautious and lively, Canaan dogs are medium-sized pasture dogs from the Middle East. The Canaan dog can be highly devoted to its owner’s family, just like your English cocker Spaniel. The vigilant Canaan dog enjoys roaming on the streets with a canine companion by its side.

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Finnish Lapphunds?

Tough and easy-going, Finnish Lapphunds are excellent spitz-type dogs. These adorable dogs are adept in herding and encourage other family dogs to take part in herding activities. In addition, the faithful Finnish Lapphunds are pretty cordial towards other family pets.

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Havanese?

Originated in Cuba, the Havanese dogs are pretty expressive and cuddly in nature. These cute dogs follow every animal around the home, and it sheds rarely. This companionable Havanese dog consoles other pets in times of anxiety and depression. 

Why English Cocker Spaniel Gets Along With Komondor?

Independent and comical Komondors are white-colored sheepdogs from Hungary. This gentle dog enjoys playing flyball with other canine companions. Both Komondor and English Cocker Spaniel are pretty fearless and steady in nature. 

Before you bring home any of the aforementioned dog breeds, please check the background and traits of that particular breed once. Also, train them together with your English Cocker Spaniel from day one. 

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