10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with English Foxhounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With English FoxhoundsOriginally bred for hunting, the English Foxhounds are affectionate and gentle hound dogs. This 24 inches tall English Foxhound is highly sociable, and it enjoys talking to neighborhood dogs. Full of great stamina, the English Foxhound is a little attention-seeker, and it can be pretty jealous of other dogs. 

This British hound dog loves having house pets around itself at its owner’s home. This swift and powerful English Foxhound enjoys chasing other small animals, and it has a strong prey drive. Still, the hound dog craves companionship. So, you must bring home a friend for your English Foxhound. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For English Foxhounds

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Welsh Terriers?

Found in the mountains of Wales, the Welsh Terrier likes to hunt just like your English Foxhound. The Welsh Terrier is pretty alert, and it is fond of its family members. This friendly canine creature loves to play with kids and other dogs.

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Sussex Spaniels?

Originated in Sussex County, England, Sussex Spaniel is a liver-colored dog, which is known for its cheerful and calm nature. This spaniel dog is as sociable as your English Foxhound. So, the English Foxhound and Sussex Spaniel might get along quite well. 

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With English Setters?

The English Setter is a typical hunting dog, just like your English Foxhound. Both originated in the same country of England, and they feature high prey drive. If you accommodate an English Setter with your English Foxhound, they will engage in chasing small animals. 

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Salukis?

Primarily developed for hunting, the Saluki is a quiet dog that is aloof in nature. Intelligent and fun-loving, Saluki keeps other house pets in a good mood. The Salukis are as tall as English Foxhounds, and these two dogs are quite powerful. They will often wrestle with each other playfully.

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Rottweilers?

Robust and well-muscled Rottweilers are known as the protector of other canine creatures. This Rottweiler makes a very good playmate. The dog follows orders provided by its owners and is pretty confident about its role. It will easily attach to your English Foxhound. 

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Rat Terriers?

Adorable and Energetic Rat Terriers are small in size, but they are highly talented escape artists. These terrier dogs are brave-hearted, and so your English Foxhound will fall in love with this breed. The Rat Terrier can be a good hunting companion to your English Foxhound.  

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Miniature Pinschers?

Hailed from the land of Germany, the Miniature Pinschers are exceptionally clever and outgoing. The Miniature Pinscher is pretty responsive, and it consoles other dogs during distress. This noble Miniature pinscher will make a good companion for your English Foxhound due to its playful nature.

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Japanese Chin?

Originated in Japan, the Japanese Chin is an excellent domestic dog, and dog lover’s adopt this dog for its lapdog quality. This kind-hearted Japanese Chin accompanies other dogs in all their activities. Not only this, but Japanese Chin also actively looks for a canine companion at its owner’s home.

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Havanese?

Silky-coated and cuddly Havanese is a gentle, companionable breed. The breed is affectionate towards other puppies. The Havanese will help your English Foxhound to overcome its separation anxiety. The English Foxhound and Havanese help each other in maintaining mental wellbeing. 

Why Do English Foxhounds Go With Dalmatians?

Athletic and well-muscled Dalmatians are mainly ancient hunting dogs. Active and energetic, Dalmatians are pretty sensitive towards emotions. These dogs know how to comfort other house pets. The Dalmatians will make a loyal friend to your English Foxhound.

Choose one breed from the above ten and start training that dog with your English Foxhound from its very first day. We hope your English Foxhound will love the company of your chosen breed. 

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