10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with English Setters

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With English SettersFriendly and mellow, English Setter is a large sporting dog from England, Scotland, and Ireland. This merry English Setter can live around 12 years, and it gets along pretty well with other canine creatures. Born with a show-stopping handsome look, the English Setter features a sweet temper.

The elegant English Setter can’t do anything about its eagerness to please everyone. Gentle and expressive, English Setter makes a good hunting dog, and it enjoys hunting in a flock. To keep your English Setter happy and satisfied, we suggest the novice dog parents bring home a canine breed from the following list of ten. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for English Setters

Why English Setter Gets Along With American English Coonhounds?

Originated in the southern part of the USA, the American English Coonhound is a pack-centered family dog. Good with both children and house pets, the American English Coonhound is full of energy. Both American English Coonhound and English Setter are hyperactive canine breeds.

Why English Setter Gets Along With Australian Shepherds?

The Australian Shepherds are 19th-century herding dogs from America. This good-natured shepherd dog has an inherent protective instinct towards its fellow animals. The Australian Shepherd adapts to city life pretty fast like your English Setter.

Why English Setter Gets Along With Cane Corso?

Reserved and stable Cane Corso is a mastiff-type dog that belongs to the working breed category. This guardian dog remains quiet and calm around other house pets. You need to take the Cane Corso through “respect training” so that it can adjust with your English Setter pretty fast.

Why English Setter Gets Along With Entlebucher Mountain Dogs?

Muscular and Intelligent Entlebucher Mountain dog is a skilled herding dog from Switzerland. The independent Entlebucher Mountain Dog can be self-confident, and it assists other dogs in times of emergency. In addition, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is pretty devoted to its human family, just like your English Setter.

Why English Setter Gets Along With Giant Schnauzers?

Developed in the mid-1800s, the Giant Schnauzers are rugged working dogs from Germany. This powerful Giant Schnauzer is loyal to its canine friends. Due to its kindness and sweet gestures, the English Setter will fall in love with this Giant Schnauzer. 

Why English Setter Gets Along With Irish Wolfhounds?

Found in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhounds are loyal and generous sighthounds. These dignified hound dogs boast of their patience, and so you can accommodate them with Setter dogs at your home. This sweet-tempered Irish Wolfhound rarely barks at other dogs, and it is pretty thoughtful of its actions. 

Why English Setter Gets Along With Miniature Bull Terriers?

Creative and smart, Miniature Bull Terriers are loving terrier dogs from British Island. This energetic Miniature Bull Terrier actively looks for a companion. With a terrier dog around your English Setter, you can remain quite relieved as the Miniature Bull Terrier never attacks other dogs.

Why English Setter Gets Along With German Shorthaired Pointers?

Versatile German Shorthaired Pointers are all-purpose hunting dogs that are cooperative and boisterous. This affectionate pointer dog deals with its anxiety and other mental issues pretty well. So, the German Shorthaired Pointer can be a good inspiration for your English Setter. 

Why English Setter Gets Along With Rat Terriers?

Lively and alert, Rat Terriers are talented farm dogs bred in America, and they can make good hunting companions for your English Setter. Both Rat Terriers and English Setters are inquisitive in nature. You can keep these alert dogs in the same crate with your English Setter if you want. 

Why English Setter Gets Along With Curly Coated Retrievers?

Born in England, the Curly-Coated Retrievers are excellent as canine friends. This particular retriever dog loves to play fetching games with other spirited dogs like your English Setter. Both of them are slightly outdoorsy.

If you pick from any of these ten dogs, you don’t have to worry about your English Setter being jealous. All these ten canine breeds require less attention. 

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