10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with English Springer Spaniels

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With English Springer SpanielsSweet-faced and friendly, English Springer Spaniel is around 19-20 inches tall domestic dog, and it belongs to the group of sporting dogs. Obedient and playful English Springer Spaniels are great with house pets, and they love to dig. Highly adaptable and protective, English Springer Spaniels are pretty people-oriented, and they can open up to strangers quickly.

The energetic English Springer Spaniels are handsome hunters, and they make good bird dogs. These rough and tough English Springer Spaniel thrives on the companionship of other dogs, and so, you can think about accommodating your English Springer Spaniel with other canine breeds. We think the following list of dog breeds will help our readers. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for English Springer Spaniels

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Cocker Spaniels?

Bred as a companion dog, the Cocker Spaniels are actually bird dogs like your English Springer Spaniel. This labor-intensive spaniel dog has a knack for hunting, and it is fond of group activities. The beautiful cocker spaniels are companionable dogs, and they will enjoy having an English Springer Spaniel around.

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Tibetan Mastiffs?

Bred as a livestock guardian, the Tibetan Mastiffs are a wonderful domestic dog from Tibet. This aloof Tibetan Mastiff dog is as watchful as your English Springer Spaniel. This guardian dog finds itself comfortable if there are other family dogs around at its owner’s home.

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Whippets?

Excellent at racing, the Whippets are medium-sized sighthounds from England. These affectionate and reliable Whippets share behavioral characteristics of both terrier and spaniel dogs. So, clearly, the Whippet is a great match for your English Springer Spaniel. Both of them are fairly intelligent as well. 

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Akitas?

Noble and powerful Akitas are large domestic dogs from Japan. This fun-loving Akita is a spitz-type dog, and it is completely non-aggressive in nature. The Akita enjoys roaming outside the house with other house pets like cats and dogs. 

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Bergamasco Sheepdogs?

Independent and attentive Bergamasco Sheepdogs are Italian cattle dogs. These herding breeds feature lots of patience around other animals, and they can be a good protector for the entire family. The vigilant Bergamasco Sheepdogs are low-shedding, and so, they do not require much attention.

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Dalmatians?

Medium-sized Dalmatians are white-coated active hunters from Croatia. The outgoing Dalmatians are quite sensitive in nature, and these dogs take very good care of other house pets. Playful and friendly Dalmatians prefer a canine companion just like your English Springer Spaniel.

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Wire Fox Terriers?

Bred in England, the Wire Fox Terriers are alert domestic dogs, which feature a keen sense of humor. This Wire Fox Terrier is gentle around other neighborly dogs and enjoys barking with them. The Terrier dog is as fearless as your English Springer Spaniel. You can definitely consider keeping them together. 

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Great Danes?

Elegant and sporty, Great Danes are ancient dogs from Germany. These powerful Great Danes are highly devoted to their family and enjoy taking part in familial activities with other dogs. Both English Springer Spaniel and Great Danes are loving and kind towards other dogs. 

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Irish Wolfhounds?

Found in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhounds are generous hound dogs which are pretty hardworking in nature. These thoughtful canine creatures take care of the needs of other dogs and are pretty patient around them. You can keep this sweet-tempered Irish Wolfhound around your English Springer Spaniel. 

Why English Springer Spaniel Gets Along With Japanese Chin?

Aristocratic and charming, Japanese Chin is a distinctive-looking companion dog from Japan. The breed features cat-like behavior. Due to its independent nature, your English Springer Spaniel will fall in love with it. 

Now that you know basic things related to these ten dogs, you should select one and bring it home for your English Springer Spaniel as soon as possible. 

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