10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Field Spaniels

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Field SpanielsFun-loving and sensitive, Field Spaniel is only 17-18 inches tall, and it is a close cousin of Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel. This sweet sporting dog is a famously docile and charming Spaniel. This independent Field Spaniel is quite expressive, and it enjoys the company of tranquil house dogs. 

Well-balanced and fairly intelligent, Field Spaniel is highly responsive to training, and you can train these quick learning dogs with other canine creatures. In addition, the adorable Field Spaniels are exceptionally tolerant towards other fellow house pets. We think the following dog breeds will be most compatible with your Field Spaniel. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Field Spaniels

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Sussex Spaniels?

Native to England, the Sussex Spaniels are liver-colored compact spaniel dogs. These slow-paced spaniels feature a clownish attitude, and so, your Field Spaniel will remain comfortable around the Sussex Spaniel. According to some dog experts, the Sussex Spaniels are thought to be the close cousin of Field Spaniel.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With West Highland White Terriers?

Confident and fun-loving, West Highland White Terriers are known as Westie. This hypoallergenic terrier dog is hardy and full of energy. It will encourage your Field Spaniel to take part in familial tasks and run in the backyard of the owner’s home. 

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Yorkshire Terriers?

Courageous and intelligent, Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed from England. This lightweight terrier dog is polite to other life forms and follows other house dogs wherever they go. However, this 19th-century dog is pretty devoted to its family-like Field Spaniels. 

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Airedale Terriers?

Found in Great Britain and Germany, the Airedale Terriers are known as “King of Terriers,” and they protect other creatures like their own puppies. The versatile Airedale Terriers are alert and outgoing in nature. If you bring home a Field Spaniel, your Airedale Terrier will be highly friendly towards it.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Basenjis?

Affectionate and independent Basenjis are actually sighthounds. This hunting dog from central Africa has boundless energy, and it is full of curiosity like your Field Spaniel. The Basenjis are quiet in nature, and they listen to other dogs attentively.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Bloodhounds?

Bred for tracking and rescue operations, the Bloodhounds are even-tempered scent hound dogs. The strong and endearing Bloodhounds make great companion dogs. These hounds have a fondness for playing Frisbee and flyball with other canine playmates.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Brittanys?

Regarded as bird hunters, the Brittanys are happy and attentive family dogs. Like your Field Spaniel, the Brittanys also belong to the spaniel category. Both of them love participating in agile sports. The Brittanys can adjust with other Field Spaniels pretty fast.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With English Foxhounds?

Found in English Countryside, the English Foxhounds are active companionable dogs. These loyal hound dogs make a trustworthy canine friend and warn other house dogs before danger. The English Foxhound is people-oriented to some extent, and it will get along with your Field Spaniel almost instantly.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs?

Diligent and alert Greater Swiss Mountain dogs are healthy farm dogs from the Swiss Alps. This good-natured mountain dog is protective towards small creatures and pretty fearless like your Field Spaniel. The Greater Swiss mountain dog is a great choice of canine companion for your Field Spaniel.

Why Field Spaniel Gets Along With Kuvasz?

Majestic and impressive, Kuvasz is a traditional dog from Hungary. The guard dog has lots of patience, and it forgives other family dogs for their little mistakes. Both Kuvasz and Field Spaniel enjoy digging together on the backyard ground. 

These ten breeds are pretty friendly and reliable when it comes to companionship. You should arrange for a separate bed and crate for these canine companions of your Field Spaniel. 

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