10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with French Bulldogs

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With French BulldogsAdaptable and smart, the French Bulldog is an 11 to 13 inches tall non-sporting dog which can live up to 12 years easily. This one-of-a-kind dog is pretty popular for its sweet demeanor and playfulness. Alert and free-spirited, French Bulldog prefers the city life, and they adjust with other family dogs pretty fast.

This bright French Bulldog has a charming personality, and it actively looks for a canine companion to remain delighted. The amusing French Bulldog is pretty sensitive, and it gets affected by loneliness too much. For your companionable French Bulldog, you can choose one dog breed from the below list.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for French Bulldogs

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Collies?

Originated in the land of Scotland, the Collies are good at herding. These Scottish dogs are always seen working, and they will help your French Bulldog in its share of household tasks. Collies are mainly show dogs, and they can run at 30 miles per hour. Your French Bulldog will enjoy Collie’s company.

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Smooth Fox Terriers?

Gentle natured Smooth Fox Terrier has a devil-may-care attitude. This terrier dog is often seen roaming in backyards. The Smooth Fox Terriers are pretty affectionate towards other house pets. They can even share their dog bed with other dogs. 

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Great Pyrenees?

Powerful and furry, Great Pyrenees is a large-sized dog, and it hails from the mountainous region of the United States. As a result, the Great Pyrenees is pretty outdoorsy and easy-going. It won’t expect your French Bulldog to be extra polite around it.

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Irish Terriers?

Ancient Irish Terrier is a lovely terrier dog, which almost never fights. Your French Bulldog will be safe around this particular breed. Both of them are fond of playing with fly balls, Frisbees, etc. You can train these two dogs together if you want. 

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Neapolitan Mastiffs?

Originated in 1940s Italy, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a massive dog, which loves to protect other animals. This fearless mastiff dog has a very high prey drive, but they are quite obedient. This affectionate Neapolitan Mastiff will think of your French Bulldog as its sibling.

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Otterhounds?

Originated in England, the Otterhounds have a suspicious nose, and so, it is used for tracking activities. The otterhounds are pretty skilled at hunting, and it enjoys having a companion on its hunting expeditions. Otterhounds make a good family dog, and they take care of puppies from other breeds as well.

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Redbone Coonhounds?

Medium-to-large Redbone Coonhounds are super friendly dogs. They seek a canine companion at their owner’s home to get rid of separation anxiety and loneliness. So, you can consider this breed for your French Bulldog. 

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Russell Terriers?

Active and flexible, Russell Terriers are white-bodied dogs, and they are pretty fearless as your French Bulldog. In addition, these Terrier dogs are lively, athletic, and sufficiently energetic. So, they will get along pretty well with a powerful dog like your French Bulldog.

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Scottish Deerhounds?

Scottish Deerhound is a large dog that knows how to behave near little puppies. The dog has an even-tempered attitude, and it will support your French Bulldog no matter what. 

Why French Bulldogs Get Along With Boykin Spaniels?

Medium-sized Boykin Spaniel is a beautiful, gregarious dog that is quite devoted to all the family members. The spaniel dog has an eagerness to please others. 

We can assure you that you will find a companion for your French Bulldog from these top ten. You should train them together from an early age too.

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