10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Goldendoodles

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With GoldendoodlesOften termed as Groodle, the Goldendoodles are lovely purebred dogs which are pretty loyal and companionable.

This 22 to 25 inches tall Goldendoodle hails from North America and Australia.

Offspring of Golden Retriever and Poodle, the Goldendoodles are soft-natured dogs, and they are pretty fond of canine companions. 

The hybrid Goldendoodles are gentle and calm around other house pets.

These designer dogs barely attack other dogs, but they can be pretty jealous if you pat other canine creatures in front of them. The following 10 breeds can be a good match for your Goldendoodle. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions For Goldendoodles

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With English Springer Spaniels?

Compact and affectionate English Springer Spaniel is a special type of gun dog which is quite decent. This cheerful spaniel dog is as active as your Goldendoodle.

This attentive canine breed will take care of Goldendoodle just like its own siblings. 

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Sealyham Terriers?

Confident and even-tempered Sealyham Terrier is a fearless little dog that loves to play with other dogs. It has an urge to go outside for a stroll on a daily basis.

The friendly Sealyham Terrier will love having company during its walk, and it is protective of other house dogs while outside. 

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Pyrenean Shepherds?

Whip-smart and enthusiastic, Pyrenean Shepherd is known as a flock guardian. This watchful Pyrenean Shepherd is slightly bossy towards other animals, but it is gregarious.

The energetic Pyrenean Shepherd can be trained quickly, and it is pretty low maintenance. So, you can focus on your Goldendoodle.

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Newfoundlands?

Sweet-natured Newfoundland is a companionable purebred dog, and it is overly playful.

Heavily coated Newfoundland is as strong as your Goldendoodle, and both of them enjoy playfully wrestling with each other. Affectionate Newfoundland is quite ideal for houses having family pets. 

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Mastiffs?

Large in size, the Mastiff is an ancient purebred dog that has been around for more than 5000 years. This dignified mastiff dog is capable of handling difficult situations tactfully.

The Mastiff has a tendency to defend other dogs. 

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Komondor?

Originated in Hungary, the Komondor is mainly a guardian dog bred for protective livestock. Steady and gentle, Komondor is good at sharing.

If needed, it will share its bed and crate with your Goldendoodle. So, the Komondor can be a good choice for your Goldendoodle. 

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Havanese?

Expressive and silky coated Havanese craves attention, and it doesn’t do well alone. So, this playful and responsive dog actively seeks a canine companion.

This companionable breed loves talking with neighborly dogs. 

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With English Foxhounds?

Bred in the countryside, the English Foxhounds are adept in hunting, and these dogs are quite tolerant of other creatures.

Believe it or not, the English Foxhounds are highly sociable dogs. Due to its strong prey drive, it chases other animals with Goldendoodle.

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Bulldogs?

Developed in the United Kingdom, Bulldogs are friendly creatures. They enjoy the company of strong and large dogs like your Goldendoodle.

If you want to accommodate them together, you should take them through proper training since their initial years together.

Why Goldendoodles Get Along With Boerboels?

Muscular and confident Boerboels are obedient canine breeds. They welcome other house pets with an open heart and tries to protect them from dangers also.

You can consider a Boerboel as a companion for your Goldendoodle. 

These top ten breeds feature exceptional positive qualities. So, you can adopt any one from our dog breed list and make your Goldendoodle the happiest. 

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