10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Gordon Setters

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Gordon SettersBold and affectionate Gordon Setters are highly adaptable dogs which belong to the sporting dog category. This large-sized Gordon Setter is pretty vigilant, and it features a high level of energy. Exceptionally friendly, Gordon Setters are mainly athletic and outdoorsy bird dogs. 

This confident Gordon Setter can run at a fast pace on rough terrain, and it always comes to help other dogs. The fun-loving Gordon Setter is a people-oriented dog, and to keep it happy; you should accommodate the setter dog with another canine breed. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Gordon Setters

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Flat-Coated Retrievers?

Optimistic and confident, Flat-Coated Retriever runs in black and liver color only. This adorable Flat-Coated Retriever is as friendly as your Gordon Setter. Both of them are devoted to their immediate family and known for their loyalty. So, the Flat-Coated Retriever can be a good match for your Gordon Setter. 

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Scottish Terriers?

Short-legged Scottish Terriers are small-sized self-assured dogs. These Scotties have the ability to learn things quickly, and they are as alert as your Gordon Setter. This independent terrier dog craves playing all day long, and so, it can be the happiest with your Gordon Setter by its side. 

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Sloughis?

Medium to large in size, the Sloughis are athletic dogs from the Northern part of Africa. Both Sloughi and Gordon Setter are fond of dog sports. Sloughis are actually faithful hound dogs, and you can trust them with your Gordon Setter around. These Sloughis do not attack anybody.

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Spinoni Italiani?

Docile and sociable Spinoni Italiani is mainly a hunting dog. This extraordinary canine creature is used for tracking activities, and the dog is full of patience. So, it will give your Gordon Setter the time to get accustomed to Spinoni Italiani and other pets at its owner’s home. The Spinoni Italiani can be a good match for your Setter dog.

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Whippets?

Bred for racing, the Whippets are medium-sized sighthounds from England. This friendly hound dog is gentle and quiet around other house pets. If you are thinking about accommodating your Gordon Setter with a Whippet, you should bring home a whippet of the opposite sex.

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Anatolian Shepherd Dogs?

Steady and intelligent, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are protective outdoor dogs. These calm shepherd dogs are pretty proud and confident. Your Gordon Setter can use the Anatolian Shepherd dog as its inspiration. 

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Cairn Terriers?

Found in Scotland, the Cairn Terriers are hypoallergenic working dogs. Gay and active Cairn Terriers are assertive in nature. These adorable Cairn Terriers are as fearless as your Gordon Setter. So, they will love each other’s company.

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Moderately active yet energetic, English Toy Spaniels are small dogs that can live up to 16 years. This happy dog will make your Gordon Setter run all through the day. It can be good for the physical fitness of both dogs. 

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Glen Of Imaal Terriers?

Bred to hunt badger and fox, the Glen of Imaal Terriers are found in the mountainous region of Ireland. This spirited little dog enjoys participating in agile sports. Both Glen of Imaal Terrier and Gordon Setter are working dogs.

Why Gordon Setter Gets Along With Miniature Pinschers?

Hailed from Germany, the Miniature Pinschers are responsive and outgoing pinscher dogs. These clever dogs have the ability to sense danger, and it makes all the other house pets alert. The Miniature Pinscher loves to play flyball with your Gordon Setter. 

So, choose one breed from our list and surprise your Gordon Setter. We are sure your Gordon Setter will love your choice.

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