10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Italian Greyhounds

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Italian GreyhoundsTall and lean Italian Greyhound is a miniature version of the Greyhound. This breed is known for its pace and adores running the most. Also, they are very adaptable and quickly become friendly with other pets in the house. However, this breed has contrasting moods that affect its playtime and behavior. 

Furthermore, this breed is warm and amiable around fellow dog companions. Moreover, they adore being around playmates and enjoy spending quality hours with them. Also, they make stunning watchdogs as they are very attentive and alert by nature. Overall, the Italian Greyhound is a lovely companion and family pet for all. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Italian Greyhounds

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With Dachshund?

The Dachshund is a fun-loving and active pet that is very faithful towards its owners. Also, they are amicable with pets in their homes and do well around them. Overall, the unique-looking breed makes a vocal companion for the Italian Greyhound and other dogs. 

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With Ibizan Hound?

Loving and adorable Ibizan Hound has been a loyal mate for humans and dogs for years. This breed makes a perfect mate for an Italian Greyhound as they share similar traits. Also, it is amiable with small kids and adores playing along with them. 

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With Canaan Dog?

Canaan Dogs are friendly and interactive around their owners and companions. However, they are aloof with strangers, and thus one must socialize them well to subdue their shy nature. Otherwise, they make lovely companions for dogs as well as people. 

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With Bluetick Coonhound?

Sweet and loving Bluetick Coonhounds make stunning family pets and companions. This breed is highly active and seeks for playmates to play with when they are bored. Also, it likes being busy and may become destructive if they are left alone all day long. 

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With Labrador Retriever?

Gentle and loving Labrador Retrievers are lovely companions for humans and pets. They are fun-loving breeds that caress their mates and seek constant attention from them. Moreover, this breed is brilliant and makes a wonderful pet for all homes. 

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With Spinoni Italiani?

The Spinoni Italiani is a highly social and friendly pet that gets along with everyone quickly. Also, it befriends other pets in the house with ease and loves their companionship. However, they are short-tempered and require supervision when around kids. 

Why Italian Greyhound Gets Along With English Setter?

Polite and gentle English Setters will make a stunning companion for the Italian Greyhound. They are kind, loving and patient by nature to be suitable family pets. Also, they seek companionship and dislike being alone. 

Why Italian Greyhound gets along with Standard Schnauzer?

Alert and protective, Standard Schnauzers are loyal towards their mates and family. Also, this breed bravely protects its homes against all intruders and keeps rodents away. However, they need early socialization to be familiar with other pets in the house. 

Why Italian Greyhound gets along with Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi adores being around their family and loves constant companionship. Furthermore, they are happy and loving dogs that quickly adapt to their surroundings. Overall, they make lovely pets and companions for every home. 

Why Italian Greyhound gets along with Maltese?

Clever little Maltese makes an adorable lapdog and snuggle partner for its companions. This breed is social and likes being around its family and fellow dog mates. Also, they hate being alone and enjoy the company of other pets in their house.

These ten breeds are perfect companions for your Italian Greyhound. However, to create reliable and lovely bonds, ensure early socialization and raise them together. 

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