10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Japanese Chin

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Japanese ChinNoble and charming, Japanese Chin is an 8-11 inches toy dog that makes an excellent companion. This densely coated lapdog is pretty fastidious yet gentle in nature. The graceful Japanese Chin is pretty indoorsy, and it protects other house pets when necessary.

The royal Japanese Chin loves to cuddle with other dogs, and it can be quite friendly towards other canine creatures at home. But, the Japanese Chin suffers from mental anxiety a lot, so it actively seeks a playing companion at its owner’s home. We think that the following dog breeds can be pretty good for your lively and fearless Japanese Chin.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Japanese Chin

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Kerry Blue Terriers?

Originated in Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a quintessential working dog that loves to hunt. This all-rounder terrier dog is great at herding as well. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a popular guard dog, and it protects all the other canine companions at its owner’s home.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Finnish Lapphunds?

Medium-sized Finnish Lapphunds are known for their herding capability and even-tempered behavior. This easy-going Finnish Lapphund has a keen sense of humor, and it keeps other house pets delighted at home. The courageous Finnish Lapphund will be pretty friendly towards your Japanese Chin. 

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Chow Chows?

Independent and loyal Chow Chow is a Chinese dog that is quite in nature. None of the Japanese Chin and Chow Chow disturbs each other. Due to their independent nature, the Chow Chows are spotted with Japanese Chin in the backyard investigating everything. They also love to roam in the nearby streets of the neighborhood together.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Brittanys?

14-20 kg Brittanys are excellent at hunting and herding. The diligent Brittany can be a pretty agile and attentive dog that accompanies other dogs wherever they go. The happy Brittany is super adaptable to a new environment. It will welcome your Japanese Chin with an open heart.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Borzois?

Borzoi is a popular sighthound dog that loves hunting in a flock. This Russian dog is athletic, and it will put up a good competition for your Japanese Chin. Gentle and quiet, Borzoi is very respectful towards other animals and humans.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Akitas?

Powerful and noble Akita is found in the mountainous region of Japan. Though Akita is wilful, it is devoted to its family and thinks of other house pets as family members. This not-so-aggressive Akita can be a good canine companion for your Japanese Chin.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Smooth Fox Terrier?

Gentle and lively Smooth Fox Terrier is great at hunting, and it will make a good friend to your Japanese Chin because of its gregarious activities. This terrier dog is as fearless as your Japanese Chin. Both of them are pretty active and alert.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Miniature Pinschers?

Hailed from Germany, the Miniature Pinschers are small ancient dogs that are pretty clever and energetic. It will be okay with sharing its colorful toys with Japanese Chin. The Pinscher is very responsive towards positive training. You can train your Japanese Chin with your Miniature Pinscher.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Otterhound?

Large in size, the otterhounds are excellent hunting companions. This British dog has a high prey drive, and it will enjoy chasing small animals with your Japanese Chin. Even-tempered Otterhound makes a good house dog as it guards other small dogs like Japanese Chin.

Why Japanese Chins Get Along With Redbone Coonhounds?

Medium to large Redbone Coonhound originated in America, and this companionable dog breed is free-spirited. The Coonhound is affectionate towards every other house pet. Due to its loyal and comedic activities, your Japanese Chin will fall in love with this hound dog.

Please choose one from the above ten dog breeds as a companion to your Japanese Chin. Having a companion will help your Japanese Chin maintain a good mood.

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