10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Kerry Blue Terriers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Kerry Blue TerriersPeople-oriented and smart, Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium-sized dog that is known for its watchdog ability and companionship. This diligent farm dog features a well-developed muscular body, and it seeks attention from its favorite person in the family. Noble and dignified Kerry Blue Terrier is pretty free-spirited, and it is often seen roaming in the backyards.

The outdoorsy Kerry Blue Terrier makes a great show dog. But, it barely tolerates loneliness and separation anxiety. So, as a good dog parent, you must accommodate your Kerry Blue Terrier with a companion dog from the following list.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Kerry Blue Terriers

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Irish Terriers?

One of the oldest terrier dogs, the Irish Terrier is a highly trainable and respectful dog breed. This dog from Ireland is pretty protective of other house pets at its owner’s home. The Irish Terrier is lovely in nature, and it enjoys the company of playful dogs like Kerry Blue Terriers. Both of them are from the Terrier group, and so they show a few similar behavioral characteristics. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Kuvasz?

Imposing and majestic Kuvasz is a white-coated working dog that was originally bred for guarding livestock. The adorable Kuvasz is full of patience, and it can tolerate all types of house dogs. Loyal and independent Kuvasz will be a good match for your Kerry Blue Terrier. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Newfoundlands?

Sweet-tempered and devoted to family, the Newfoundlands are diligent workers. They will help your Kerry Blue Terrier in all its household tasks and protect small dogs like its own puppies. The Kerry Blue Terrier loves to dig and drool with Newfoundland dogs. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Pekingese?

Hailed from China, the Pekingese is a miniature dog that is opinionated but affectionate towards other small dogs of its own size. However, the good-natured Pekingese is quite agile, and so, it will be a good influence on the physical well-being of your Kerry Blue Terrier. Both of them are outgoing and fearless. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Sloughis?

Short-haired Sloughi hails from the land of North Africa, and it is a proud sighthound dog. Alert and faithful Sloughi is pretty sensitive to the emotion of other canine creatures. It loves talking to neighborly cats and dogs whenever it gets the chance. Fast-paced Sloughi will be a good companion for your Kerry Blue Terrier.

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Cocker Spaniels?

Bird dog at heart, the Cocker Spaniel, is a friendly and active gun dog. This good-natured spaniel dog is gentle towards other house pets, and it won’t mind sharing its toys with other dogs. In addition, the cocker spaniel doesn’t need much grooming and maintenance. So, if you bring home a cocker spaniel, you can provide enough attention to your Kerry Blue Terrier. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Whippets?

Originated in England, the Whippets are another member of the hound group known for their loyalty and faithfulness. This gentle canine creature behaves in front of the public and makes a good companion for your Kerry Blue Terrier as well. The whippet thrives in a group activity with your Kerry Blue Terrier. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Dalmatians?

Energetic and active, Dalmatian is a therapeutic dog that is fond of outdoor activities just like your Kerry Blue Terrier. However, this sensitive Dalmatian becomes vulnerable sometimes, and it can control the separation anxiety of other dogs. So, for the mental well-being of your Kerry Blue Terriers, you can adopt a Dalmatian.

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Finnish Spitz?

Bred in Finland, the Finnish Spitz is a wonderful friend to all canine creatures, and due to its lovely demeanor, your Kerry Blue Terrier will fall in love with it. This happy and vocal Spitz dog runs in red and gold color, and it is pretty fond of playing fetching games with your Terrier dog. 

Why Kerry Blue Terriers Get Along With Belgian Sheepdogs?

The versatile Belgian Sheepdog is known as a skilled herder, and it entertains help from other canine creatures in its herding activity. This loving companion dog gives your Kerry Blue Terrier a good competition on the sporting ground. Your terrier dog will enjoy the company of these sheepdogs.

All the aforementioned dog breeds are of a sweet demeanor, and you can bring home any one of them to provide companionship to your Kerry Blue Terrier. Don’t forget to train them from an early age.

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