10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Komondor

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With KomondorBrave and dignified, Komondor is around 27 inches tall working dog which is of sweet demeanor. This extraordinary Komondor is friendly towards small house pets, and it is never jealous of other dogs at home. Bred in Hungary, the Komondor is a flock guardian, and this firm dog has an independent side as well. 

The gregarious Komondor is light-footed, and it loves taking part in agile sports. Calm and gentle Komondor will take care of other house pets like cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. But, it can’t stand loneliness at all, and so, you should accommodate your Komondor with a canine companion. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Komondor

Why Komondors Get Along With Welsh Terriers?

Well-renowned as a fox hunter, the Welsh Terrier is a powerful mountainous dog that helps other dogs pass difficult terrain. This free-spirited dog is as intelligent as your Komondor. So, undoubtedly, the Welsh Terrier will be a good companion to your Komondor.

Why Komondors Get Along With Clumber Spaniels?

Sweet and gentle Clumber Spaniel is pretty friendly, and it thrives in familial group activities. The spaniel dog has a thing for digging. The Clumber Spaniel will love it if your Komondor participates in its neighborhood exploring trips and drooling activities. 

Why Komondors Get Along With Golden Retrievers?

Developed in the USA, the Golden Retrievers are known for their loving and caring attitudes. This companionable dog breed enjoys running in the backyards with other dogs. A golden retriever will love to play fetching and chasing games with Komondor. 

Why Komondors Get Along With Norfolk Terriers?

Originated in England, the independent Norfolk Terrier is a happy dog full of self-confidence and spirit. You can accommodate a Norfolk Terrier with any dog. The soft-natured Norfolk Terrier considers itself as the guardian of other dogs. Komondor will also enjoy the company of this Terrier dog due to its clownish behavior. 

Why Komondors Get Along With Icelandic Sheepdogs?

Adept in herding, the Icelandic Sheepdog makes an excellent family companion. Both your Komondor and Icelandic Sheepdog feature boundless energy. Due to the cheerful attitude of the Icelandic Sheepdog, your Komondor will fall in love with this agile dog. 

Why Komondors Get Along With English Foxhounds?

Originally bred for hunting, the English Foxhounds feature exceptional endurance towards other dogs. These gentle and friendly English Foxhounds are full of courage. It will help your Komondor in all its heavy-duty tasks. 

Why Komondors Get Along With Bulldogs?

A medium-sized English bulldog makes an excellent house dog that is pretty sensitive in nature. Your Komondor will get a lively and trustworthy companion within an English Bulldog. Both of them have the instinct to communicate with other animals. Sometimes, the powerful bulldogs are seen wrestling other dogs playfully.

Why Komondors Get Along With Belgian Malinois?

Elegant and proud Belgian Malinois is a long-haired dog breed that is fond of team activities. The Belgian Malinois has a thing for roaming in the neighborhood streets. It will love to go out for a stroll with your Komondor. 

Why Komondors Get Along With Akitas?

Double-coated and loyal Akitas are ancient Japanese dogs that are fond of little kids and other animals. This highly sociable Akita loves to bark and howl with other house dogs. Both Komondor and Akita are good for each other’s mental stability.

Why Komondors Get Along With Affenpinschers?

Popularly known as a monkey dog, the Affenpinschers are playful terrier-like dogs, and they are curious about everything. This active Affenpinscher is as adventurous as your Komondor. Both of them are fun-loving in nature. 

You can choose anyone from the aforementioned ten breeds. All of them are highly trainable. With these ten dogs, you don’t have to monitor your Komondor constantly.

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