10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Kuvasz

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With KuvaszFearless and courageous, Kuvasz is a 28 to 30 inches tall dog from the working group, and it is mostly known as a guardian breed. Well-renowned as a hunting companion to the kings, the Kuvasz is a profoundly loyal dog. The thickly-coated Kuvasz has an independent spirit, and it roams in neighborhood streets with other canine companions. 

Inquisitive Kuvasz features an excellent sense of humor, and it can cope with difficult situations pretty easily. Gentle yet agile, Kuvasz has exceptional problem-solving skills. It feels the happiest when it gets a canine companion by its side. So, select one from the below ten dog breeds.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Kuvasz

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Miniature Bull Terriers?

Upbeat and mischievous Miniature Bull Terrier is as gentle as your Kuvasz. This even-tempered Miniature Bull Terrier is full of Terrier fire, and it has boundless energy. The Terrier dog keeps other house pets delighted and protected at home. So, the Miniature Bull Terrier would be a good match for your Kuvasz.

Why Kuvasz Get Along With American Foxhounds?

Closely related to English Foxhounds, the American Foxhounds are actually pack hunters. These hound dogs have a suspicious nose, and they are sweet-tempered towards other creatures at home. Loyal and active American Foxhounds will be pretty kind towards your Kuvasz dog during its anxiety episodes.

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Berger Picards?

Assertive and strong-boned Berger Picards are independent problem-solvers like your Kuvasz. This French herding dog has a guarding instinct, and it can be pretty mellow at times. Your Kuvasz can be a good playmate for a Berger Picard. You can buy them toys to share with each other. 

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Borzois?

Skilled at hunting, the Borzois hail from the land of Russia, and it is mainly a hound dog. This athletic breed will give your Kuvasz some good competition. The gentle and quiet Borzoi is super respectful of all the animals and humans.

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Cane Corso?

Originated in Italy, the Cane Corso is a mastiff-type dog that is used as a professional guard dog. Reserved and stable, Cane Corso is pretty fond of physical training. With a Cane Corso as a companion, you can provide sufficient attention to your Kuvasz. The Cane Corso is extraordinarily polite towards its companions.

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Finnish Spitz?

Protective and lively, Finnish Spitz is mainly a show dog that provides exceptional performance in agile sports. The trainable Finnish Spitz is also a group hunter, and it thrives on companionship. This foxy-faced dog is as fearless as your Kuvasz. 

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Irish Terriers?

Irish Terrier is one of the oldest terrier dogs, and it is pretty spontaneous. The terrier dog never fights with other house pets, and it has the ability to protect other small house dogs from danger. Your Kuvasz will be safe and sound in the home of Irish Terrier.

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Komondor?

Komondor is originally a herding dog that thrives as a Hungarian flock dog. This fearless and steady dog is as large as your Kuvasz. You can keep them together since their puppyhood, but don’t forget to take them through proper physical training and respect training. This way, they will consider themselves as siblings.

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Pekingese?

Compact and courageous, Pekingese is a lion-like family dog that loves to dig. This loving and caring Pekingese dog loves to rough-house with its canine playmates. Though the Pekingese is pretty affectionate towards other house pets, it can be opinionated at times. 

Why Kuvasz Get Along With Wirehaired Vizslas?

Known as an exuberant hunter, the Wirehaired Vizslas are gentle-mannered and fond of playing. It is always seen running in the backyard of the owner’s house with other canine companions. The Wirehaired Vizslas talk to neighborhood dogs in a friendly manner. 

Bring home one from the aforementioned ten breeds if you want to help your Kuvasz with its separation anxiety and loneliness. We think your Kuvasz will agree with your choice. 

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