10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Labradoodle

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With LabradoodlePlayful and fun-loving, Labradoodle is a 21 to 23 inches tall dog from Australia which is very affectionate in nature. Labrador Retriever and Poodle came together to develop this friendly dog breed of Labradoodle.

Bred in 1989, the Labradoodle is a good companion to both humans and other animals. 

Full of exuberant energy, the Labradoodles are happy, intelligent, and good with children. The easy-going Labradoodle is pretty obedient in nature, and it is never aggressive towards any of the house pets.

This highly sociable Labradoodle seeks a canine companion, and you can choose one from the below list of ten breeds. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Labradoodle

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Kuvasz?

Majestic and imposing, Kuvasz makes a good family companion who takes care of kids and other house pets.

This highly talented working dog helps the Labradoodles in their allotted tasks. This Hungarian dog is slightly clownish in nature, and so all the animals remain delighted around it.

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Norwegian Elkhounds?

Ancient Norwegian Elkhound makes a good hunter, herder, and guardian. This hound dog is protective of other pets at home and defends them before strangers as well.

The strong-willed Norwegian Elkhound is a trustworthy canine friend. 

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Highly adaptive and agreeable Pembroke Welsh Corgi makes a good cattle herding dog.

This Corgi dog is as fearless and outgoing as your Labradoodles. These spitz-type dogs are quite tenacious and exceptionally friendly towards other dogs.

It even doesn’t mind sharing its favorite treats with other house dogs.

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?

Affectionate and Intelligent, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are as large as your Labradoodle. This quiet Retriever dog is overly playful, and it is often seen outside with its canine companions.

Though the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is pretty dominant, it has the ability to protect your Labradoodle in case of danger.

Why Do Labradoodles Get Along With English Setters?

The English Setter is a medium-sized British dog, which has been around for 400 years, and the dog is a group hunter.

This strong-willed English Setter loves taking part in mischievous activities with your Labradoodle. Both of them are pretty adventurous in heart.

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Clumber Spaniels?

Noble and sweet, the Clumber Spaniels are good-hearted dogs and pretty lenient in nature. This spaniel dog thinks of other house dogs as its own siblings if it goes through proper training.

If you keep your Labradoodle with a Clumber Spaniel, both of them will love drooling together. 

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Tibetan Terriers?

Affectionate and amiable, Tibetan Terriers are quite sensitive dogs. They can read the emotions of humans and other house pets.

These gentle dogs come to support and console other house pets during separation anxiety. So, your Labradoodle will find a good companion in a Tibetan Terrier.

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Yorkshire Terriers?

Popularly known as Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terriers are true terriers as they do not attack other dogs at home unless they are not provoked.

This soft-natured Yorkshire Terrier is full of courage and confidence. It even prefers going out with your Labradoodle.

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Cesky Terriers?

Adventurous and clever, Cesky Terrier is as brave as your hybrid Labradoodle. This non-aggressive dog remains energetic and cheerful all through the day.

Your Labradoodle will get attracted to a Cesky Terrier because of its wonderful demeanor.

Why Labradoodles Get Along With Anatolian Shepherd Dogs?

The ancient Anatolian Shepherd Dog has earned a reputation as a flock guardian. This steady and bold Anatolian Shepherd dog will follow your Labradoodle around the home.

Both of them are of similar behavioral characteristics. You can keep them together.

So, in a nutshell, all the aforementioned ten breeds have the potential to be the next best friend of your Labradoodle.

Close your eyes and pick one breed for your designer dog.

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