10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Labrador Retrievers

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Labrador RetrieversLabrador Retrievers are one of the most well-known family pets and working dog breeds across the world. They come out as extremely energetic, hard-working, and loyal. In earlier times, they used to serve as ‘waterdogs’ and ‘shooting dogs’ but slowly became the faithful partners of farmers and hunters in their day-to-day activities, such as herding and hunting. Today, they are extremely loved as family pets throughout the world.

Labrador Retrievers are usually medium to large in size, have a muscular body and powerful jaws. They come out as lovely companions due to their ability to mix well with everybody, including kids and other animals. However, they are prone to separation anxiety; hence must not be left completely alone for long and should be kept involved in activities as they get quite destructive if bored. They do not have a complicated grooming process but must be taken for daily walks and made to exercise. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Labrador Retrievers

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Poodle?

Poodles come out as extremely friendly and social. They have been known to serve as herding and hunting dogs in earlier times and were mainly used to retrieve ducks like Labrador Retrievers used to do. Even they need a lot of exercise for proper health maintenance.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Spanish Water Dog?

Spanish Water Dogs have also been used as waterfowl retrievers and herders but now make adorable family pets. They are highly energetic and come out as faithful companions. However, they can get a bit aggressive with other pets, and kids hence should be properly socialized with the latter from puppyhood.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Afghan Hound?

Afghan Hounds are an ancient breed with an extremely kind and sensitive nature. They have been used as hunters in earlier times and are known to be good athletes. However, they are prone to ‘separation anxiety’ and should be socialized properly for serving as good companions to other pets.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Chow Chow?

Chow chows have been bred widely to hunt and herd in earlier times. They look adorable and make good and loyal companions but should be socialized properly. Today, they come out as extremely lovable pets like Labrador Retrievers.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Border Collie?

Border Collies are herding dogs and have been known to be extremely hard-working. Like Labrador Retrievers, they suffer from anxiety if left alone and thrive for company. They are obedient, energetic, friendly, and make good companions.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Bergamasco Shepherd?

Bergamasco Shepherds used to serve sheepherders and come out as very intelligent and hard-working. They are gentle and usually mix well with other pets. Even they do not have high-grooming needs and come out as great companions for Labrador Retrievers.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With German Shorthaired Pointer?

German Shorthaired Pointers are quite easy-going and friendly. They make really good companions for other pets, but with a bit of socialization. Like Labrador Retrievers, they have been used for hunting and make faithful companions for humans as well.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Bloodhound?

Bloodhounds come across as kind and sensitive dogs. They crave a canine companion and get along well with good-natured dogs like Labrador Retrievers. They are a ‘working dog breed’ and come out as loyal companions.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Wirehaired Vizsla?

Wirehaired Vizslas were bred originally in Hungary as hunters. They get along quite well with other dogs and make good human companions. However, even they are prone to ‘separation anxiety’ and come out as quite similar to Labrador Retrievers.

Why Labrador Retriever Gets Along With Old English Sheepdog?

Old English Sheepdogs have been widely used for herding but currently make good family pets. They need daily exercise and must be kept busy to prevent boredom. Also, they come out as wonderful companions for other pets, even without socialization.

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