10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Lagotti Romagnoli

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Lagotti RomagnoliUndemanding and affectionate, Lagotti Romagnoli are medium-sized sporting dogs. This Italian dog is popularly known as “Truffle Dog,” and it features a keen sense of humor. These sweet and lovely Lagotti Romagnoli are pretty tolerant towards kids, and it helps other house pets in their time of need.

The easy-going Lagotti Romagnoli are full of energy, and they are often found chasing their playmates. This working dog should be engaged all the time. The Lagotti Romagnoli are always up for sharing their bed, crate, toys, etc., with their canine friends. So, bring home a dog from the below list of the most compatible canines. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Lagotti Romagnoli

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Keeshond?

Medium-sized Keeshond is an impressive dog that is pretty bright and intelligent. This Keeshond dog is very obedient, and so, it never attacks other house pets present at the home of its owners. The Playful Keeshond will love to take part in agile sports with your Lagotti Romagnoli.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Huskies?

Thick-coated Huskies are wonderful working dogs and great with other canine creatures at home. These huskies love to howl together with your Lagotti Romagnoli. Gentle and alert, Huskies are pretty outgoing in nature, just like your Lagotti Romagnoli. 

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Papillons?

Papillon is a spaniel-type dog that is quite happy and energetic in nature. This Papillon features a friendly demeanor, and it has a protective instinct towards other small dogs. Small-sized Papillons are generally seen running behind medium and large-sized dogs. But, both Lagotti Romagnoli and Papillon can live in harmony in the same house.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Redbone Coonhounds?

Well-muscled and cheerful Redbone Coonhounds are dense-coated companionable dogs, which thrive in familial activities. Both Lagotti Romagnoli and Redbone Coonhounds are devoted to family and affectionate towards each other.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Salukis?

Originally bred for hunting, the Salukis are mainly scent hounds. These dogs can run exceptionally fast, and the Saluki knows how to keep other dogs in a good mood. Though Saluki is aloof towards strangers, it defends and even supports your Lagotti Romagnoli when confronted with a stranger.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Skye Terriers?

Found in Scotland, the Skye Terriers have a high prey drive. These terrier dogs never attack other dogs first; rather, they are affectionate and good-tempered towards their canine companions. This fearless Skye Terrier will make a good friend to your Lagotti Romagnoli.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Standard Schnauzers?

Free-spirited and smart Standard Schnauzers are playful dogs that can be trained pretty quickly. This sweet and lovely Schnauzer dog loves taking part in water sports and fetching games with your Lagotti Romagnoli. You can train them together from an early age.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Whippets?

Originated in England, the Whippets run in a number of colors like fawn, red, black, etc. These whippets are soft-hearted canine creatures, and they remain quiet for most of the time. Like your Lagotti Romagnoli, the Whippets are okay with sharing their objects.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With English Toy Spaniels?

Compact and short-nosed English Toy Spaniels are playful little dogs fond of company. These spaniels are outdoorsy and so, love to go out with Lagotti Romagnoli. Both of them spend time chasing each other playfully.

Why Lagotti Romagnoli Get Along With Brittanys?

Bred for bird hunting, the Brittanys are highly energetic dogs. They love taking part in household activities with Lagotti Romagnoli. Brittany would be a good match for your Lagotti Romagnoli due to its charming attitude. 

Now that you know about all the compatible dog breeds for your Lagotti Romagnoli, please choose one and make your Romagnoli the happiest.

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