10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Leonberger

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With LeonbergerOverly playful and gentle, Leonberger is a 28 inches tall working dog that is exceptionally friendly towards other animals. This giant German dog is known for its patience and sweet demeanor. The lush-coated Leonberger shows extraordinary companionship to the family and other house pets.

The versatile Leonberger is capable of sound judgment and unlimitedly loving other creatures. The dog needs plenty of space for itself, and it is preferable if you accommodate your Leonberger with a sensitive and caring canine breed. All the below breeds have the potential to be compatible with your Leonberger.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Leonberger

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Harriers?

Primarily bred for hunting fox and hares, the Harriers are known for their excellent olfactory sense, and these tireless dogs show extraordinary work ethics. The medium-sized Harriers are pretty friendly towards other animals. These sensitive dogs help other house dogs deal with their separation anxiety.

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Kuvasz?

Upbeat and majestic, the Kuvasz is a companionable Hungarian breed that wins the heart of other animals with its clownish behaviors. This guardian dog has a lot of patience, and it takes care of other small animals. Independent yet loyal Kuvasz will be a good match for your Leonberger.

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Norwegian Lundehunds?

Fun-loving and agile, Norwegian Lundehunds are small spitz-type dogs that originated in the northern part of Europe. Full of boundless energy, the Norwegian Lundehunds will help your Leonberger in its daily household tasks. The Norwegian Lundehunds have a protective instinct towards other animals, especially outside the owner’s home.

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Rat Terriers?

Originally bred as a farm dog, the Rat Terriers are skilled at hunting, and they prefer having a companion by their side. This lively and loving terrier dog is as inquisitive as your Leonberger. The affectionate Rat Terrier will welcome your Leonberger with an open heart to its owner’s home.

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Samoyeds?

Found in the northwestern part of Siberia, the Samoyeds are friendly spitz dogs that love to play with other house pets. The highly sociable Samoyeds are spontaneous in nature. Both Leonberger and Samoyed can be pretty outdoorsy and free-spirited. 

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Gordon Setters?

Loyal and gay, Gordon Setter is a large athletic dog. It will participate in all types of agile sports with your Leonberger. Both of them are fearless in nature. Not only this, but Gordon Setters have an eagerness to please other small animals. 

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Field Spaniels?

Docile and cautious, Field Spaniel is a sensitive canine breed like your Leonberger. Highly sociable and trainable, Field Spaniel loves to wander around the backyard with a canine companion. This familial canine breed is quite adaptive, and so, it can be a good choice for your Leonberger.

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Whippets?

A medium-sized Whippet is a sighthound that is gentle and quiet in nature. This friendly dog never attacks other small house pets, rather, it follows them around and protects them from danger. The Whippet enjoys barking together with its playmate.

Why Leonberger Gets Along With Xoloitzcuintli?

Calm and aloof, Xoloitzcuintli is an ancient hairless dog. The dog is cheerful in nature, and this intelligent breed is quite companionable. Both Leonberger and Xoloitzcuintli love to play, and they are pretty fond of water sports. 

Why Leonberger Gets Along With American Eskimo Dogs?

White-coated American Eskimo Dog actually originated in Germany, and due to its sweet demeanor, the dog is loved by many. Reserved yet fun-loving American Eskimo Dogs have a thing for drooling and digging. So, it can be a bonding moment for your Leonberger and American Eskimo Dog. 

All these ten breeds are pretty gentle-natured and fond of company. So, you can bring home any one of them for your Leonberger. 

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