10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Lhasa Apso

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With Lhasa ApsoComical and confident, Lhasa Apso is a lavishly-coated dog that belongs to the non-sporting group. This thousand-year-old Lhasa Apso is found in the Himalayan Monasteries. The smart and elegant Lhasa Apso enjoys having a canine companion around.

Assertive and free-spirited Lhasa Apso follows the order from owners, and it is friendly towards other small house pets. The fearless Lhasa Apso actively seeks a playmate. So, to make your Lhasa Apso the happiest, bring home a puppy from the following list. 

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Lhasa Apso

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Irish Terriers?

Hailed from Ireland, the Irish Terriers are great family companions, which are wonderfully sociable dogs. This respectful Irish Terrier is as lively as your Lhasa Apso. The super-intelligent Irish Terrier has a protective instinct towards other animals. 

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Newfoundlands?

Sweet-natured and not-so-aggressive Newfoundlands are densely coated working dogs. This large dog is gentle around other canine creatures. It loves talking to neighborly cats and dogs on a daily basis. So, your Lhasa Apso will feel happy near the Newfoundland dog.

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Otterhounds?

Large in size, the Otterhounds are known for their hunting instincts. If it gets a lively companion like your Lhasa Apso, the Otterhound will spend the day chasing small animals with your Lhasa Apso. Amiable Otterhounds are pretty fun-loving dogs like your Lhasa Apso.

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Curly Coated Retrievers?

Bred in England, the Curly-Coated Retrievers are spontaneous canine breeds, which are always up for playing. This sporting dog is full of energy and assists your Lhasa Apso in all its activities. This loveable Curly Coated Retriever doesn’t shed much. So, with such a Retriever dog around, you can provide enough attention to your Lhasa Apso. 

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Schipperkes?

Bred in Belgium, the Schipperkes are loyal family dogs, which makes them a wonderful and trustworthy canine companion to your Lhasa Apso. This agile Schipperke is as fearless as your Lhasa Apso. You can take them out for a brisk walk together. 

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Skye Terriers?

Medium-sized Skye Terriers are friendly dogs from the United Kingdom. Good-tempered and gay, Skye Terriers do not mind sharing their toys with their canine playmates. The terrier dog steers clear of fighting altogether. 

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Tibetan Mastiffs?

Imposing and watchful, Tibetan Mastiff is a friendly guardian dog. It protects other house pets like its own siblings. Tibetan Mastiffs love to drool with dogs like Lhasa Apso. Both Tibetan Mastiff and Lhasa Apso help each other out during an emergency.

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Weimaraners?

Originally bred for hunting, the Weimaraners are powerful and energetic gun dogs. The dog is pretty fast-paced, and your Lhasa Apso will love running with the Weimaraners. The Weimaraners remain happy the entire day, and it keeps other house pets delighted.

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Wirehaired Vizslas?

Wiry-coated Wirehaired Vizslas are mainly found in Hungary, and they are highly trainable. These amiable dogs have high endurance levels. They adore other house pets, especially small canine companions. 

Why Lhasa Apso Get Along With Brittanys?

Highly adaptable and attentive, Brittanys are great at bird hunting, and they hunt in a pack. These happy dogs can help your Lhasa Apso with mental issues like anxiety and depression. 

Now that you know ten dog breeds that can be compatible with your Lhasa Apso, what are you waiting for? Please bring home one. 

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