10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible with Maltese

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10 Dog Breeds Most Compatible With MalteseCharming and playful, Maltese is a 7 to 9 inches tall toy dog that can live up to 15 years. The highly adaptable Maltese dog makes a good companion to kids and other small house pets. Low-shedding Maltese dogs are mainly lap dogs, but they are enthusiastic about agility sports, and they give good competition to other dogs.

This athletic Maltese dog is full of affection, and it can be quite willful at times. You can take this tiny Maltese through reward-based training if you want to accommodate it with a canine companion. Having a canine friend at home will keep your Maltese cheerful and happy all through the day.

10 Best Dog Breed Companions for Maltese

Why Maltese Gets Along With Neapolitan Mastiffs?

Heavy-boned and loyal, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a large-sized dog from Italy. This fearless guard dog takes care of all the small house pets at home. This Mastiff dog is exceptionally obedient, and it prevents other small dogs at home from engaging in mischievous activities. 

Why Maltese Gets Along With Pekingese?

Originated in China, the Pekingese is an intelligent toy dog just like your Maltese. This good-natured Pekingese dog has served in the Chinese Imperial Court, and it is pretty opinionated. But, the Pekingese actively seeks a canine companion of its own size. So, the affectionate Pekingese will get along pretty well with your Maltese.

Why Maltese Gets Along With Poodles?

Primarily bred for hunting waterfowls, the Poodles are small to medium-sized German dogs. These water dogs are instinctual and very active. It loves to communicate with other house pets and help them complete their allotted tasks at the owner’s home. 

Why Maltese Gets Along With Rottweilers?

Robust and self-assured, Rottweilers are soft-hearted large domestic dogs. Devoted to the owner’s family, the Rottweilers are courageous, and they will partner your Maltese in all its adventurous trips within the neighborhood. Steady and alert, Rottweilers make a trustworthy friend.

Why Maltese Gets Along With Shiba Inu?

Adorable Shiba Inu took birth in Japan, and it aces in hunting. This charming Shiba Inu is fond of agile sports, just like your Maltese. The best thing about Shiba Inu is that it can cope with any difficult situation and protects other small dogs from danger. They are also faithful in nature.

Why Maltese Gets Along With Irish Water Spaniels?

Originated in the 1830s, the Irish Water Spaniels are inquisitive dogs from Ireland. This clownish dog is easy to train, and it is not at all an attention seeker. So, you can keep your Maltese with an Irish Water Spaniel if you want. Both of them will love playing in your backyard together.

Why Maltese Gets Along With Welsh Terriers?

Developed in Wales, the Welsh Terrier is skilled at hunting small animals like badgers, rats, etc. This free-spirited terrier dog is known for its sweet demeanor and friendly attitude towards house dogs. The British Welsh Terrier is super intelligent like your Maltese.

Why Maltese Gets Along With Havanese?

Expressive and gentle, Havanese is a companionable dog from Cuba. The Havanese can be pretty emotional. So, it supports other house dogs in times of anxiety and depression. The dog loves to play with toy dogs like your Maltese. 

Why Maltese Gets Along With Doberman Pinschers?

Muscular and powerful, Doberman Pinschers are medium to large dogs which are fearless in nature. This confident Pinscher dog is filled with energy. It will accompany your Maltese wherever it goes and whatever it does. 

Why Maltese Gets Along With Bullmastiffs?

Bred in the 1860s, the Bullmastiffs are reliable and loving canine companions. These powerful dogs have a natural protective instinct towards other small dogs. So, the Bullmastiff can be a good match for your Maltese.

If you are concerned about the mental wellbeing and happiness of your Maltese, you must bring home one canine breed from the aforementioned ten. 

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